About Us

  • Credits

    Web Design

    Software / Tools

    Specific contributions

    • Stephan Knauss ( stephankn @ sourceforge )

    Generic code

    b2evolution also includes code adapted from the following open source applications, code libraries or code samples:

    (If you are listed here and want to be listed with a different or full name or would like to be removed (!), please tell us)

  • Funding

    While b2evolution will always remain Free Open Source Software at its core (see About Us), it is also a commercial enterprise with 3 different sources of revenue:

    1. Self-funded by VIP Support contracts;
    2. Long term partnerships with companies who play an active role in the development of the software (e-g: The Evo Factory);
    3. Commissions from our Web Hosting partners whom we recommend on our site.

    These sources of revenue make b2evolution a profitable, self-funded and sustainable enterprise (since 2007).

    Furthermore, these sources of revenue are largely sufficient to keep upcoming releases of b2evolution 100% Free for you to use, modify and/or redistribute (see GNU GPL License) for the long term future.


    Historical note: at its beginnings, b2evolution also used to be (partially) funded by donations. This is no longer the case (since 2009).

  • About Us

    b2evolution is a free open source project.

    Our Mission

    No matter if you're just starting out or if you're trying to get your site to the next level, our aim is to bring you the definitive tool for the job. A tool that will let you run your own blog or website, easily, effectively & efficiently.

    We ambition to help you make your mark on the internet and be part of the rapid evolution of the web!

    How It Started

    b2evolution originally started as an evolution of b2. The project was started by François Planque in 2003 and is still maintained by him as of today, with the support of the Evo Factory. You can read more about his involvement in b2evolution on his blog: State of the Evolution.


    Several individuals and companies have contributed to the project in various forms over the years. You will find a list of currently active contributors below.


    The b2evolution team sometimes participates in research projects.