Conclusions on Dynamic Page Adaptation after SMX meeting

  June 15, 2009, by fplanque • Category: Research
Conclusions on Dynamic Page Adaptation after SMX meeting

After a 1.5 hour meeting with interested parties at SMX Seattle on June 3rd, followed by a second 1 hour meeting on June 4th, we have set the following research directions and priorities for the Dynamic Page Adaptation module:

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Research on dynamic web page adaptation depending on statistical user behaviour

  May 6, 2009, by fplanque • Category: Research

From a high level perspective, b2evolution now integrates the following feature set:

  1. Web content pubishing / Content Management System (CMS)
  2. User interaction / feedback / community features - sometimes dubbed as "web 2.0"
  3. Search Engine Optimization features (SEO)
  4. Traffic statistics & analytics, most of them in real time

The next logical step for us to take, such as has been requested by the community, is to implement dynamic web page adaptation based on the user behaviour we can gather through the real time traffic statistics.

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Research on new antispam measures

  April 9, 2009, by fplanque • Category: Research

One of our current areas of research is better comment spam filtering.

Comment spam is mainly the result of spammers trying to place one or several links to their own site on a blog powered by b2evolution. The benefit they get out of such links is the SEO value of these links (which is outside the scope of this article). If comments are published with the links as posted by the spammers, it is indeed a very easy way for them to perform what is called "mass link building" at a very low cost, especially through the use of automated processes ("spambots").

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