Downloading: 6.8.0-beta

Also available on GitHub.


In addition to features of 6.7.8-stable:

  • Refactored creation of demo contents.
  • New collections can be created at any time with optional demo contents, even after initial install.
  • Added [audio:...] short tag.
  • Widgets:
    • Enhanced Menu Link widget.
      • A menu link widget to another collection can now be hidden if the user does not have access to the destination collection.
    • Item List widgets can now sort by "Number of members who have viewed the post (If tracking enabled)".
    • Item attachments widget
    • Item location widget
    • AdSense widget
  • Plugins:
    • Video plugins can now be disabled per-collection.
    • Twitter plugin now adds twitter:creator social meta tag
  • Server-Side Analytics
    • Aggregation can keep infinite history of visits in the DB. See Global Hits Summary
    • Allow to filter stats by period
  • Allow login through HTTP Authentication (useful for single sign-on systems): see Login & Registration Security Panel
  • Post editing:
    • The attachments panel is no longer an iframe. Allows for better previews.
    • More image/attachment position controls
  • more to be listed here...