Downloading: 6.4.4-beta

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


If you want to upgrade your installation to this beta version, see: Upgrading an existing installation.


  • If you have been using previous v6 beta versions, you should delete the boostrap_* skin folders before installing this version. Otherwise you will have old files interfering with the new ones.
  • Many root files are no longer needed in this version and should ideally be deleted from your web server.
  • You should use the provided tool to convert your database to UTF-8. Please check Upgrade to b2evolution version 6.x for instructions.


In addition to what's been introduced in 6.4.3-beta:

  • Visual and functional improvements in the back-office.
  • More settings, including color settings, for the Bootstrap Main skin.
  • Enhanced Image/Logo widget.
  • Support <figure> and <figcaption> in addition to other HTML 5 semantic entities.
  • Custom post types can now use custom templates when they are displayed.
  • It's not always possible to contact the site owner without having to log in.
  • Not displaying tags on intro posts any more by default.
  • Responsive images on all default Bootstrap skins.
  • Bug fixes.