Downloading: 6.10.0-beta

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


All the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


  • Many new email list / email campaign / newsletter features.
    • Multiple Email Lists / multiple newsletters support
    • Enhanced email capture / quick subscription widget
    • Enhanced newsletter subscription widget
    • [subscribe:...] and [emailcapture:...] short tags to promote email lists/newsletters and get users to subscribe
    • New variables to use in email campaigns.
    • Users can be tagged with User tags when subscribed through various places as well as when opening emails they receive
    • Improved filtering for sending email campaigns to subsets (including tag filtering)
    • Track email opens (image loads and link clicks) for all emails (transactional and email campaigns)
    • Email stats graph
    • Plugin to include buttons into emails
    • Better handling of images in emails
    • Improved scheduled task to send email campaigns with better error logging.
    • Enhanced quick unsubscribe screens + option to resubscribe in case of erroneous click.
  • Automations:
    • User can enter multi-step automations.
    • Each step can do an action like test a set of conditions, send an email campaign, start another automation, unsubscribe the user, notify the admin, set/unset user tags, etc.
    • One automation can be tied to multiple email lists. Unsubscribing from one list will stop the automation for that user (configurable).
    • Automations work with a new scheduled task.
  • Feature to split a discussion thread (comments) into a new post with some selected comments attached.
  • Option to allow visitor posts in forums (a user account will be created automatically)
  • Enhanced activity stats widget
  • Enhanced videoplug plugin
  • Changed Edit entry in evobar to offer more options
  • and additional small changes...