Downloading: 5.1.1-beta

Non exhaustive list of changes:

  • General:
    • Each blog/collection can now have a custom front page which is not necessarily the list of latest posts.
    • Refactored login / registration screens using the bootstrap framework
    • When a comment is elevated to post, its replies are moved as comments to the new post.
  • New skins:
    • Bootstrap (front-office and back-office): minimalist skins based on the popular front-end framework.
    • Pure Forums: this skin is installed by default in the demo forum.
  • Front-End / Performance:
    • Added many CSS Selectors on the <code class="codespan"><body></code> element
    • Dropped IE6 support
    • The og:image property of Open Graph is now automatically supported
    • Support for loading libraries from CDNs such as or
    • Support for using a private CDN.
  • Plugins:
    • A new syntax highlighter is introduced with the Prism plugin.
  • Antispam:
    • The IP address of the sender is now included in direct email messages in order to better fight spammers
    • The IP Ranges tab now counts the number of direct email message sent from an IP range
  • Back-Office:
    • Ability to reassign threaded comments to another parent comment
    • Introduced the use of [teaserbreak] instead of <! --more--> and [pagebreak] instead of ????
  • Installer:
    • Install less demo ads
  • Bug fixes…