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1 May 16, 2004 10:30    

Would be nice if someone using these browsers could tweak the CSS files a little.

2 Baumi May 17, 2004 13:49


I’m using Safari (and plan to switch from MT to b2evo as soon as the import script works). Could you elaborate on the display problems to get me started?

3 May 24, 2004 16:42

Baumi, having no Mac, I can’t elaborae on how Safari renders the CSS. All I know is that there have been a few reports in the forums of some screens displaying a little odd in Safari.

4 Sarah Jan 27, 2005 16:55


I am using Safari and there is a very odd problem with displaying b2. when I go to the blog and click on “log in", Safari displays the page in Japanese chracter set out of no where. I tested the pages with IE and Netscape on Mac and those two browsers display the page in english just fine. I can’t seem to find where the hack b2 is picking up japanese characters.. Any ideas?