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1 May 14, 2004 18:08    

On the file :
the subtitle in dutch (other languages ?) is too long (layout)


2 fplanque May 14, 2004 18:06


Yes. Send a complaint to Ron, because I lack Dutch undertsanding to tell him his translation should be shorter! :))

It’s not critical though.

BTW, does anyone know how to handle this better with CSS only?

3 Topanga May 14, 2004 18:09


It’s not critical at all
but it would be nice ;)
If we make that sentence shorter in dutch, we eliminate some information…
but we will do it…

There is still a lot to translate… Ron is busy with it ?
I’m testing the new installation

4 Topanga May 14, 2004 18:10


If you put the subtitle a fex pixels lower.. than the subtitle goes under the 2… and than the whole problem is solved…

5 fplanque May 15, 2004 21:28


yes but having the text at that exact place makes it nicer… unless you translate it. I suggest you leave it in English if you can’t keep it short in Dutch.

6 May 18, 2004 05:51

The same problem I had with lithuanian transalation… What I did is “wrote the same in a diferent words” :D