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1 May 06, 2004 18:56    

I've read a bit about the plugin system in 8.9, but I haven't looked at it yet. If it's what I'm thinking, I'd like to see the ability to install them via the interface.

An example are the modules that are used within CMS' such as Mambo. Just little widgets that allow you to pull random images from Gallery, display RSS feeds, display flash clock, etc.

2 fplanque May 14, 2004 17:53


b2evo plugins are meant to go far beyond that, but they’ll address widget use also.

Right now, installing a plug in just means copying th eplugin file in the right folder. Can it be simpler? Upload them through a web page??

Regarding the widgets, do you mean they should appear automatically on the blog page? At what place!??

3 Travis Swicegood May 14, 2004 19:05

Travis Swicegood

See Mambo :) Create “module” or “widget” spaces. The template then calls loadWidget(’left’) or loadWidget(’right’). In the admin area when they specify the that they want widget X to display, they decide which area they want it to display. You can take it one step further and create a table that holds all of the display locations so the user can add multiple locations that their template can pull from. (Mambo is just now heading in that direction).