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Hello I am very new here I was asked two questions Haven’t used the system yet I want a blog system that was low in cost and one I could use to build our church community this does both as for what do I mis.. That is easy I don’t know what is here si I don’t know what is missing. Thank You

2017-09-30 @ 08:27

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1) What is the main reason that made you choose b2evolution for your website?

I hate WordPress because of the hacking and bloat and how it is pushed down your throat everywhere and by so many lazy so called web developers.

I am not a programmer and learning Bootstrap,HTML,JS,CSS, Angular JS and Foundation is just too much for me at this stage of my life.

I preferred to use a non-database driven flat file CMS but they just don not have the community behind it like B2E seems to. So because B2E has some element of Bootstrap within and is also a CMS I decided to install it and do my best to learn it. I am finding out that it is also very complicated.

2) What is the feature or improvement you miss the most at this time?

There are a lot of intricacies associated with B2E that I didn’t want to deal with. Like for example things related to PHP opcode & user cache. There needs to be an automatic solution for solving such issues.

When installing I opted for existing content to be included but now I wish I had not done that. There is too much for me to sort through and remove before I ever get started on the content of my site.

I had to do a manual installation because the current version was not available through , now if I want to remove and do a non-content installation I will have to get the hosting tech support to help me. So the documentation for learning B2E needs to include starting from scratch. With no blogs or any other collections.

I know these are not exactly features but I just installed B2E less than 24 hours ago. So I do not have a grasp of the entire program yet.

2017-09-20 @ 18:12

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Reasons to use b2evo
1. Wanted a blog to replace my phpBB and other cms
2. Collections just does this in a click
3. Now 9 years later, to bother with anything else it would have to come with a personal human assistant who would do exactly as I wish. . . .
4. I did get bit upset when edb left.

As for features: I have mentioned some but many of those present I don’t use, social media plugins/widget etc, which seems to be the way the web is going, so my wants can wait.

2017-08-31 @ 14:43

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Terry Murray

I’ve installed several apps using the cPanel from my hosting provider and almost gave up on b2evo because I could not figure out how to show future dates on the calendar. The the back-end said a new release was available 6.8.9. I did a clean install of 6.8.8 without the demo content and then Auto Updated to the latest version. That happened without incident. I discovered the new version has checkbox to enable future dates; wonderful news!

I cannot do some things with my smartphone easily. The Bootstrap_blog is not showing as two columns like it did in 6.8.8 (I’m assuming I did something wrong). Given all I’ve read and experienced so far this may likely become my website.

2017-06-02 @ 05:59

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Laura Brown

I picked b2evolution because it still feels like software for general users rather than developers creating client sites. Also, after trying a lot of other CMS options, b2 seems the most user friendly and easiest to work with while having a lot of control over your site.

b2 does have drag and drop for images. But, I do wish adding images to a post was a little smoother/ simpler. I am still figuring out things but I don’t see a way to control how images show up in my post. In particular I would like to have an image at the teaser setting but still be able to have text on top of it, to be read before he image. Also, images seem to only be centred in posts. Likely this is just something I haven’t figured out yet.

If possible, I would like to set up an image collection which can be sent out as online greeting cards. So someone could send the image (with some added text, etc.) to a friend online and have the friend view the card back on my site or in their own email. I prefer this to newsletters because I gave up on reading newsletters a few years ago, there are just too many of them and they all seem to be focused on marketing anyway.

I also would have liked to create a collection of links, as a link directory with categories. Not sidebar links but posts in a collection. I know SEO has made keeping links unpopular but I don’t care about SEO that much. I like having resources to other niche and interesting sites for readers. Mainly because I still like finding a collection of relevant links on other sites I’m interested in.

Overall, I’m surprised how much b2 can do without adding plugins and mucking around with CSS for themes. Glad to have the tutorials to refer to.

2017-04-10 @ 00:53

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Q 1. b2evo seems clean and modern. I’d know more to say once I actually use it. I’ve used other CMS software, and am not always pleased and somewhat limited. I can’t wait to try it and I don’t mind beta testing if you send me the link and instructions.

Q 2. I am not sure if b2evo has drag and drop or cut and paste for uploading music or pics, but that would be nice. Something like Themes with much more user control than some CMS apps would be nice.

2017-02-17 @ 05:25

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I hear you on saving the edit position. We will try to make that possible.

About the size of the images, the Boostrap skin actually has a param to limit the maximum height of images, which will proportionally limit their width.

2016-10-14 @ 00:16

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Thank you for your feedback John.

For a “streamlined skin", would a normal blog skin with most widgets disabled (especially the sidebar disabled) do the job or do you have something even more radical in mind?

Right now, who creates the blogs for the students? Do they get them automatically when they register? Is it one blog per student?

2016-10-14 @ 00:09

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In order for us to better understand what you mean, can you describe one example of one parameter that should be changed and how?

Thank you.

(Feel free to post an annotated screenshot if it makes it easier to explain. Thanks)

2016-10-14 @ 00:07

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1) What is the main reason that made you choose b2evolution for your website?
(If possible: what problem did b2evolution solve for you?)

A high school website – b2evo has provided ability for many separate groups/classes and individual student blogs with differing permissions and privacy settings to exist in the same space

Fabulous hands-on scalability and tweaking I very much enjoy and utilize

2) What is the feature or improvement do you miss the most at this time?
(Please describe the problem you have before describing a requested solution.)

– Although some students fully appreciate the power of their blog sites and widgets there is a segment that are overwhelmed by the choices available to them – a very streamlined skin that “hides” many of the features would be appreciated by many.

2016-10-13 @ 04:05

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Thank you for your work and dedication to B2Evo. This is the best most stable blog platform available for free. Thank you.

2016-08-14 @ 21:12

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1. The platform is very easy to use and customize
2. More fexibility in organizinig different blogs (there are to many parameteres to be set - some of them remain by default, but need to be shorten - from my point of view)

Thank you

2016-06-20 @ 20:31

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I’ve been using wordpress blogs in the last few years for teaching college courses, both in purely online courses and also as a supplement to classroom teaching. I decided to try using b2evolution mostly because of the multiple blog capability built in. I was installing a new instance of WP on my web site for every new course and it was a big pain in the butt to try to copy all of the configuration details, themes, plugins, etc. numerous times with no centralized control panel. Plus I think WP suffers in a way from “too much of a good thing” in that there are countless themes (with free and paid versions with different features and methods of customization), plugins of different degrees of usability, often with different configuration interfaces as well. Sure many of them are useful but there is always a danger of third party plugins not playing nicely with the base code and the inconsistency of their maintenance, etc. B2e is very customizable through css and customizing theme files and I’ve found that the documentation for doing so is good (if sometimes out of date in the forums) especially now that I ghave figured out the basic structure of the system. That to me is better than endless hopping for new pre-built themes…

I also LOVE the inclusion of a manual blog type and am currently using it for the development of an online textbook.

As for a wishlist for b2e, I’d say an easy way to resize images for ordinary users (i.e. students posting to the blog for assignments). I haven’t used it in any courses yet (I will in the fall) but I anticipate some issues there. I’m using a bootstrap skin and it seems to want to stretch images to the full width of the block automatically. Please correct me if I am wrong on this. Also the editing window is a bit jittery in that when one clicks on “save and continue editing” the view of the text in the editing window seems to jump somewhere else. I like to edit and save as I go to see what the text I am working on looks like in an actual post in another tab. Since the edit window is reloading after a save I’m not sure how hard a more stable view of work in progress would be to implement, but that’s a feature I’d love.

Keep up the good work everyone!


2016-05-30 @ 01:51

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I really like the new v6… Great work you did here!
Hope that 2016 will be full of good surprises, too.

2016-01-06 @ 20:46

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I don’t know why I chose b2evolution. It was well rated probably and looked easy enough, and I’m sure some of the features, like multiple blogs, sounded great to me. Actually, now that I think about it, I saw your best providers links, went with GreenGeeks and then went with you.

I still use it because I’ve learned how, and I now have more blogs, all my own. This is really easy to set up.

The absolute must that is missing for me is an easy widget/plugin for social media buttons. I am using the bootstrap theme, and want them at the beginning of my blog, before the permalink icon, at the bottom, before the tags, and floating on the side. It’s just crazy that these are not really easily available.

I also find the back office tough to navigate. facebook told me to put in a script after the open body tag. There isn’t a spot for this. I tried it before the close body and couldn’t get it to work. I don’t know enough to know if this placement makes a difference.

I’ve never had much luck modifying the styles. I tried building my own theme, and that came out pretty ugly.

I have trouble understanding the overall architecture and where I can modify things.

I want a simplified back office for lower tiered users. One of the things I do is advise people on how to use their online presence, including e-mail and blogging, to do better business. I need to be able to give people a no-think back end to do that, or do the back-end for them.

Last, the money is in the list. To get at it, you need great integrations with list management software (getresponse, mailchimp, infusionsoft, aweber, etc.) and the various providers of the tools to get people to sign on (leadpages, I can’t think of any others). I shouldn’t have to sign up separately to comment and to get on a mail list.

I could probably sit down with you for a week and give you suggestions. While I’m not going to do that right now, I wouldn’t mind helping out with the development process. Get in touch if you are interested.

2015-11-29 @ 08:03

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Well I am fairly new to this blog softwre and I will say I did try many before this one and HATED them. They said they were easy and they were not.

I love this one totally and have no idea what feature was/is missing, since I am new, you can tell by my not so bright questions from time to time.

I will say though, with this latest version 6.6.3-stable released on 08/24/15 , I am a bit lost in the admin area (Back Office) but am getting around and absolutely love the way the post area is set up. More spacier even if the url for the post is not located lower, I can find things ever so much easier than before and it was easy then too.

The new “area” names are neat too, so business like having a Back and Front Office.

Thank you for this software and may you NEVER get difficult to use or upgrade.

2015-09-11 @ 22:55

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Made the choice for a, based on documentation, well deignwd and relatively lightweight blog software. Still have to evaluate of my “hunch” after 45 years of ICT experience was right.

I basically want to wrap the functionality of the sofware in my current website, as were they seperate functions, inplement the look and feel of my own site and maintain the current dynamic menubuilder.

May lead to interesting experiments

2015-07-14 @ 17:26

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Comment from: MaxHedrm [Visitor]


For me, the non-subscripted 2 is cleaner. It also means that your logo type doesn’t have to be a graphic. The subscript seems a bit gimicky.

2015-07-07 @ 02:31

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Comment from: Frank Adam [Visitor]

Frank Adam

b2evo was recommended on a LinkedIn thread. I tried it, liked it and now use it for a hybrid blog/CMS site.
There are a few things I would like to see changed or explained better:
1. Everything about handling images is fiddly. Even adding pix to a blog is challenging for bloggers without any HTML knowledge.
2. I don’t see an easy way to adjust the templates other than with CSS.
3. How do you turn off the warning about switching from HTML to WYSIWYG?
4. I hope the manual is still a work in progress.

I’ve done a lot of CMS packages and b2evo is the easiest setup I’ve used to date.

2015-07-02 @ 09:02