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A tutorial for beginners

Posted on February 17, 2006 by Francois Planque in Community

PHPBuilder has a really well done tutorial on setting up b2evolution.

This tutorial – written by Ian Gilfillan – will walk you through the installation and all the base features of b2evo, providing screenshots for each step.

Nice! :D


Comment from: Marco Kalz [Visitor]
Marco Kalz


The online documentation is pretty poor for an Open Source project, with somewhat outdated information, nor does it have the friendliest of forums…

The first point may be right, but I don’t understand the point with the forums. I always get friendly and competent answers there.

Just my 2 cent


02/21/06 @ 08:55
Comment from: scott [Visitor]


As a forum moderator, I appreciate your kind words. It is unfortunate that the author has a different opinion.

I think that all the moderators try to make forum posting a pleasant and informative experience.



02/27/06 @ 16:44
Comment from: Howard King [Visitor]
Howard King

B2 might be a great piece of software but it has what has to be reguarded as the one with the worst bit of instalation documentation I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED - like most people I am not an IT expert - my web pages are all about birds ones with feathers - I use both Autocad and Microstation to create 3D graphics and stuff believe me they are easier to follow I thought I could cope but .. intuitive B2 is not.
PHPBuilder has a really well done tutorial on setting up b2evolution.

This tutorial – well tried that the pictures are different to what I get using the software and besides every time I need to view the screenshot I have to go out and comeback

Take one instruction - rename BlOG A - how do you rename a blog where do you find it where is it stored

03/22/06 @ 08:11
Comment from: Pete Trbovich [Visitor]
Pete Trbovich

Well, just for my $0.02, I found B2Evolution to be the easiest to figure out. Now *Wordpress* I started out with, and gave up with it after awhile; it just seemed too bulky and complex for my tastes. I installed b2 and had it configured and was posting and editing all within one hour. It is also the first blogging tool I’ve found with skins that actually looked better than what I can create.

The tutorial is OK, but I think it’s a couple of versions behind by now?

03/24/06 @ 07:25
Comment from: John Dolan [Visitor]
John Dolan

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04/15/06 @ 18:52
Comment from: Michael Dalavera [Visitor]  
Michael Dalavera

Superr :) B2evolution is the Best blogging solution for amateurs..

07/10/06 @ 08:01
Comment from: Anthony Alvarez-Eng [Visitor]  
Anthony Alvarez-Eng

Does anyone know a online tutorial or book that explains how to setup a working website using b2evolution with pages and not posts.

My working copy of b2evolution was setup by cpanel and is stable. Most online tutorials focus on installation. But I need to learn how b2evolution is setup as a website content management system (CMS).

Any clues appreciated. Thank you.

12/12/09 @ 04:55