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    Read this…

    We’d love to personally help each and every one of you to reach your goals as quickly as possible but distracting our engineers while they work hard on the next release is not a working long term strategy! If you’re a coder yourself you know you can’t disturb another coder when he’s "wired in"…

    We can’t provide free or cheap one-to-one support by email, private message, chat or phone. (We can only do it for a limited number of users, as per our VIP Support offer.)

    However, no matter what, we’ll gladly help you if you post your question in the public support forums. Also, please try the search field you’ll find at the top of these forums. You might find your question has already been answered.

    Additionally, please note we’re working hard on keeping the user manual fresh and up-to-date. It has a search field too, which might prove incredibly helpful. Also if a page only partially answers your question, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. You can count on us to come and update the page promptly.

    But I can’t log in to post into the forums!

    There are a couple of solutions to this: check out this page.

    Would you prefer paid support instead?

    If you would like to get in touch with an independent b2evolution professional, check out this page.

    If you would like VIP Support directly from the core b2evolution team, check out this page.

  • Pro Support

    The following persons and organizations have indicated they can help you with installing, upgrading, moving, skins, plugins and custom solutions around b2evolution:


    The b2evolution development team and the owners of this site are providing this list as a convenience. We cannot make any guarantees about the quality, availability and/or suitability of the service offerings on this page. The companies listed on this page may or may not be involved at different levels in the development of b2evolution.

    Please discuss all details, pricings and conditions directly with the service provider of your choice.

    How to be listed here?

    Listings on this page are free. If you'd like to be listed, please leave a comment below while logged in with your b2evolution.net account and list the services you can provide. Also make sure you update your profile page with all the relevant contact info. If you have a page on your site, explaining your b2evolution services, make sure to mention the URL.

    We'll update the listing above.

  • VIP Support

    If you’d like our core team to support you as you build your own large-scale b2evolution project, VIP Support is for you.

    Typical VIP Support users are:

    • Enterprises deploying medium to large-scale b2evolution projects
    • Web agencies building multiple b2evolution based websites for their clients
    • Web hosting companies offering integrated b2evolution solutions to their clients


    • Expert Advice: you get direct access to members of the b2evolution development team to help you solve problems with your b2evolution systems.
    • No need to hire or train an in-house expert.
    • We always have an expert available for you, even when everyone else is on vacation, including on week-ends for critical issues.
    • We will provide advice that not only works today but that will also be easy to maintain in the long term, knowing the roadmap of the core software.


    VIP Standard VIP Premium VIP One Time
    10 000 € / year (excl. VAT) 15 000 € / year (excl. VAT) 5 000 € (excl. VAT)
    50 tickets included 100 tickets included 1 incident with follow up for up to 30 days

    Priority Support

    • 1 business day response time for critical issues
    • 2 business days for Level 2 issues
    • 3 business days for Level 3 issues

    First Priority Support

    • 1 day (week-ends included) response time for critical issues
    • 1 business day response for Level 2 issues
    • 1 business day for Level 3 issues

    Priority Support

    • 1 business day response
    • Bug reports get first priority treatment.
    • Bug reports get first priority treatment.
    • Approved feature requests get priority treatment.
    • Bug reports get first priority treatment.
    Email notifications about security releases that need to be applied We will provide emergency patches that fit your particular system

    Cancel any time

    Refund pro-rated by number of used tickets (minimum of 5 tickets/month of service)

    Cancel any time

    Refund pro-rated by number of used tickets (minimum of 9 tickets/month of service)

    Pricing is “per seat”. When you sign up for a support contract you will specify a contact person who will be interacting with us. If you would like to have multiple people interact with us, you will need to buy multiple subscriptions. There is no limit to the number of servers or the numbers of sites that you are operating. With a single contact, you may also specify an alternate contact for emergency support questions when your main contact is on vacation.


    The following add-ons are available to holders of an active support plan.

    Pricing is available on demand.

    • Content migration from a different system to b2evolution.
    • Site review. High level a focus on diagnosing pain points and making recommendations on how to resolve them.
    • On-site SEO.
    • Scalability & Performance. Server configuration, caching, tuning.
    • Upgrade. Includes testing and certification.
    • Plugin Review. Best practices, security & performance.
    • Skin Review.
    • Custom development (priced per day)
    • On-site training (priced per day) - available in select countries.
    • On-site deployment/tuning (priced per day) - available in select countries.

    On-site: We’ll fly out to your offices and meet directly with your team for a full day. A week before the visit, you’ll send us an agenda and/or a list of questions that you’d like covered, and as long as it’s b2evolution related, we’ll address them as we work with your team.

    Versions supported

    The current stable version and the previous minor release of b2evolution are supported. For example v6.6 and v6.5.

    Current versions of web browser that have more than 5% market share as well as the previous versions are supported. In other cases we will do our best but cannot guarantee to obtain a perfect display.

    Get in touch!

    If you would like VIP support for your b2evolution project(s), please contact us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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