Download: sitemap_blogs.txt

Downloading: sitemap_blogs.txt Publish an XML Site Map

In b2evolution v6+, XML Sitemaps are generated automatically and can be accessed by adding ?tempskin=_sitemap to the URL of your collection.

Example: .


  • This feature is only active if enabled here: Sitemaps Panel.
  • This feature uses the _sitemap skin from the skins folder, even if that skin is not installed.
  • You can create a custom skin with a different name if you want to customize your sitemap or add some more. In that case, use a param like ?tempskin=_my-sitemap

The _sitemap skin displays public posts with Item Type usages post, page, intro-cat, intro-tag, intro-sub, intro-all, but doesn’t display intro-front and intro-main because they have same URL as collection homepage, also it doesn’t display special and content-block because they have no permanent URL.

Additionally, the sitemap starts by listing the homepage URL like this:


  • loc - collection homepage URL,
  • lastmod - date of last touched content(any category, any post or any comment) of the collection,
  • priority - 1 is top priority, max priority for posts is 0.9,
  • changefreq - frequency of changing.

For posts priority and changefreq depend on post age:

  • less 8 days: priority - 0.9, changefreq - hourly,
  • less 30 days: priority - 0.8, changefreq - daily,
  • less 90 days: priority - 0.7, changefreq - daily,
  • less 365 days: priority - 0.6, changefreq - weekly,
  • older posts: priority - 0.5, changefreq - monthly.

OLD Stub files

b2evolution v6+ no longer ships with the sitemap stub files from previous versions. They are no longer needed.

You can download them from this page if you really need them.

Just change the extension from .txt to .php and place the desired file into your b2evolution root folder.

Start with sitemap_a.php if you want a sitemap for a single blog or with sitemap_blogs.php if you want a sitemap for your whole site (all blogs).

Note that these files are actually simple stub files that display a blog with a specific XML skin. They basically do nothing more than the direct URL above.