Download: summary.txt

Downloading: summary.txt summary.php

`summary.php` is an example of how to display the latest 3 posts from every blog on a single summary page. Summary.php is especially interesting for people with multiple (more than 2) blogs or for use as an overview page for a group.

`summary.php` is no longer distributed with b2evolution v6+ but you can download it from this page. Just change the extension from `.txt` to `.php` and place the file in your b2evolution base folder.

If you want the capabilities of `summary.php` customized to your own site, you can insert the PHP code into your own layout.

What is the code you need in that page?


 * Check this: we are requiring INSTEAD of because we are not
 * trying to initialize any particular blog

and on the place where you want the summary of the posts :


  for( $blog=blog_list_start('stub'); $blog!=false$blog=blog_list_next('stub') )
  { # by uncommenting the following lines you can hide some blogs
        // if( $blog == 1 ) continue; // Hide blog 1...
        // if( $blog == 2 ) continue; // Hide blog 2...
        // if( $blog == 3 ) continue; // Hide blog 3...
        // if( $blog == 4 ) continue; // Hide blog 4...
  <h3><a href="<?php blog_list_iteminfo('blogurl''raw' ?>" title="<?php blog_list_iteminfo  'shortdesc''htmlattr'); ?>"><?php blog_list_iteminfo'name''htmlbody'); ?></a></h3>
      <?php    // Get the 3 last posts for each blog:
    $BlogBList = & new ItemList$blog,  ''''''''''array(), '''DESC'''3'''''''''''''''posts' );
     while( $Item $BlogBList->get_item() )
     { ?>
       <a href="<?php $Item->permalink() ?>" title="<?php echo T_('Permanent link to full entry'?>"><?php $Item->title''''false ); ?></a>(<?php $Item->issue_date() ?>)
     <?php ?>
       <li><a href="<?php blog_list_iteminfo('blogurl''raw' ?>"><?php echo T_('More posts...'?></a></li>
  }  ?>