Downloading: 7.0.0-alpha

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


All the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.

A few things you made need to change manually: Upgrading to b2evolution version 7.x


Below is a very incomplete list:

  • Il is now possible to organize collections into Sections. Sections are visible in the Dashboard and can also be used for a 2-level navigation with an appropriate Site skin.
  • Site skins to customize the site header & footer. There are 4 different site skins to choose from and most of them have configurable colors & settings.
  • Skin customizer sidebar
  • Widget designer mode
  • Sub-containers
  • It is now possible to attach files in Private Messages.
  • Basic Antispam Plugin now allows to set minimum comment interval per User group.
  • jQuery v2.2.4

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