Downloading: 6.8.5-stable

Also available on GitHub.


Our easy Installation Guide will provide step by step instructions to get you started with b2evolution.


All the upgrade options are outlined here: Upgrading an existing installation.


In addition to features of 6.8.4-stable:

  • Ability to attach files to new posts in the front office (useful for forums) and in the back-office without saving post first
  • Ability to attach an image to each category and to use it as a fall-back for posts without an image in the Universal Item List Widget
  • Ability to attach an image to image and logo widgets instead of providing a relative filepath
  • Ability to easily attach a logo for the site through file manager selection
  • Ability to receive notifications on stale posts (posts that have not been edited for a long time)
  • Performance improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Security fixes -- Thanks to backwolfsec and phantom0301 for their help.
  • Bug fixes