Downloading: 3.1.0-beta

Change Log

  • UI:
    • Integrated WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) (blueyed,fplanque)
    • New evobar menu: extended, extensible by plugins and a little animation too (fplanque)
    • Integrated jQuery UI datepicker (Afwas)
  • Blog features:
    • Intro posts: added typecolumn in browse screen and made more silent regarding noindex, sitemaps & notifications.
    • The default category for new posts can now be chosen explicitely for each blog.
    • Categories can now be reordered manually (instead of alphabetical display). This is a system wide general setting.
    • Automatic generation of excepts (fplanque)
    • Basic version history of post edits (click on the little clock icon in the post lists) (fplanque)
  • Widgets:
    • Cleaned up AJAX drag & drop interface (fplanque)
    • Universal Item List widget now combines the functionality of Post List, Page List, Link List, Link Blog… + combinations. Pretty powerful :) (fplanque)
    • Related posts widget (fplanque)
    • Extended widget possibilities (fplanque,yabba,tblue)
    • Widgets can be enabled/disabled. (Tblue)
    • Sidebar Links item type + widget now allow to display a linkroll without using a separate blog. (walter,fplanque
  • Other:
    • Optimized speed/reduced # of queries (blueyed)
    • Cleaner URLs when browsing through multiple pages. (fplanque)
    • Fixed locale selection during install.
    • Do not display locale selector on edit screen if only one locale is available.
  • Bugfixes. Many! (Tblue,blueyed,walter)