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1 Oct 31, 2005 14:51    

With Phoenix we now also have skins in the backoffice, loacted in /admin/skins

Currently these can only be switched through the config files.

The minimum we would need would be a SELECT list on the user profile form were the user could choose his default backoffice skin.

OPTION 1: we could use a SELECT in some corner of the backoffice screens to change the backofficeskin faster. This would be handy 1) for testing, 2) when we happen to log in on a smaller screen than usual or cases like that.

OPTION 2: we could use a checkbox on the profile form saying "use a different b/o skin on each computer". When checked, the SELECT described in OPTION 1 would override the DEFAULT SKIN SELECT from the profile form. This override would be carried out by saving a value for skin #0 in the evostate cookie, see: