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2 nsahoo Jun 12, 2004 02:47


I think I made the comment but, don’t see it. So, here I go again.

The problem with pinging so many of these update sites is, if one or more of these sites are down, your posts will take a long time to complete. So, why not ping just pingomatic, like wordpress does, and let it forward the ping to other sites. That way we won’t have to wait till the ping is complete.

5 Bernd Pressler Jun 18, 2004 15:16

Bernd Pressler

Wouldn’t it be better to have pinging services configurable by the user? Wordpress does have this feature and it seems logical to me. There are more, maybe local services (I know of one) and if they support XMLRPC pinging for example like does, where is the big problem? :)

6 Jun 18, 2004 16:40

as i said before, an interface like MT’s one would be the best solution. everybody could add service on his own.

7 nsahoo Jun 20, 2004 01:16


I am sure my geek friends are working on the best solution :)

hope to see it soon.

8 Jul 09, 2004 16:21

re writing the enitre of the ping backs class is on my todo list … so its coming soon.

i’ll definatly keep in mind that it should be easy to add new sites to ping

9 Jul 16, 2004 22:08

Welby, your last words make me fear you’re confusing pingbacks with directory pings. The directory pings are working fine and addign new sites will be a matter of plugins. The real pingback on the other hand had the worst code in the land.

The real pingback problem is described here