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1 May 30, 2004 01:11    

so you can make a whole category private, protected or so.

3 nsahoo Jun 09, 2004 04:41


This is something I’d very much like to see in b2evo. Now I am managing with private blogs. I think many would like to have a private category where they can store the ideas they have been quietly hatching.

It probably sounds similar to draft, but, different in the following ways.

1. Drafts are not accessible through front door, even when one is logged in.
2. Even in back door, there is no one click access to all the drafts, even in back door. But, you have them for subcategory access.

That can come really handy.

4 Sarah Dec 07, 2004 16:44


I think its a great idea!!

5 eric May 09, 2005 15:16


I’m sad that this is on the ‘not popular’ list. Hopefully someone will be spurred on to implement this.

Currently I am using protected posts in categories to allow only members to see the posts. There are many other categories I would like to include, but these other categories would need to have thier links hidden from non-members. Hence my wish that this would be developed.

What I would want is for the category’s status to control whether the link to that category is visible. For instance, if it was set to ‘protected’, the links in the sidebar and footer for this category would only be shown for users who are logged in and members of that category.