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1 May 26, 2004 14:35    

Subscribing to comments would help users to get all the comments to a particular post.
This includes:
- a list of all subscribed posts
- confirm email (this should then be used for registering users as well)
- password (to maintain the list of subscriptions and the account)
- the account would be of course a "normal" user, so we would simply enhance the current user management with this

2 30 Mai 2004 16:35

the only way I want this done is this:

users must register before they can “watch” a post.

once registered they should be able to watch/stop watch a post with one click, just as in php BB.

3 30 Mai 2004 17:08

well, but there are always people who don’t like to register everywhere (me2). and also not every one is willing to let people register.

4 30 Mai 2004 18:02

what’s the difference between registering and giving an email + password ??? (except unecessary feature duplication!) You don’t have to give your name address etc when registering into b2evo.

Not willing to let people register. Why? if you set new users to ‘basic users group’ and level 0 they have absolutely no special priviledge.

There are a zillion planned features that just won’t work if people don’t register and if we have dozens of parallel user lists.

5 eric 9 Mai 2005 20:41


I must really like the unpopular requests :(

While I would love everyone and thier dog to wake up to the rss solution, there are many people who simply don’t understand what an RSS reader is, much less know how to download, install, and use a program other than IE (grrr…). For those of us that are publishing blogs which are geared toward other computer type people, this seems silly.

However, for those of us publishing content in order to make the knowledge more managable and accessible to people who only know how to use a web browser and email, this is an invaluable addition. Please add it soon…pretty please? I’ll bake an apple pie for whichever dev gets it in the next release the fastest :)