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1 May 22, 2004 14:38    

With alot of MT users choosing WP, I think an import script for WP is going to be needed in the next few weeks, when they decide that it doesn't have enough features for them.

2 May 24, 2004 10:04

Cheers man! You’re step ahead. I was going to suggest it.

3 nsahoo Jun 09, 2004 04:48


One more vote for it. I’ll benefit from this, but, what I am more interested is it makes it *possible* for WP users to try b2evo. Journal entries are so much treasured items that it’s hard to imagine someone would dump all his postings to switch to a new (possibly better) software.

4 LadyK Dec 12, 2004 05:19


I vote for this too. I want to use b2ecolution for all my blogs, but need to import three wordpress blogs. A way to import to a specific blog would be great.

5 Arif Jun 12, 2006 10:18


Hello! I am new in using b2evolution. I am seeking for an importer tool from WordPress to b2evolution. Have any body worked on it?