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1 May 16, 2004 17:28    


You probably see hundreds of post about MT 3.0 and it's new pricing policy. After typekey case (community doesn't seems enthousiastic about this new product) things are going bad : what is the place of b2evo here ?

MT Community is posting about migrating to Wordpress or Textpattern but almost nothing about b2evo :( ... while b2evo could be a better solution for this user requirements : multi blog/authors with good features such as antispam that lacks in MT ... We also see a few MT users posting in forums about migration tools from MT to b2evo.

Import from pmachine, MT, blogger, greymatter, livejournal ... is really a must have feature today is we want to take advantage from MT community moving to other blog software. In forum Francois said he'll look at this as soon as 0.9 will be released :)

You people are great developpers, you've implemented lots of features that most of powerusers want. The 0.9 release also focus on newbies with auto install, posts in B blog that explain lots of things and all much more. Manual and communication with community is also better with this FR blog and with wiki. We have almost all ... perhaps we miss a designer and a PR.

Simple, powerfull, alive, great community ... b2evo has everything to become a leading bloog tool if people knew it better

links about MT 3.0 and people talking about mirgation to other tools :

2 patrick May 16, 2004 18:29


If you want to download free version you have to register and click about 10 links :(

- go to
- choose Download Movable Type Free
- register (using disposable email from )
- follow link in your email
- choose to download full version
- cancel download (it’s a 3.0 version)
- choose view your account
- choose to download MT 2.661
- done :)

3 chris May 17, 2004 00:27


I have noticed the big beat up about Wordpress, and it is strange since MT is still free for single blogs anyway.
As a current MT user about to switch, probably to B2evol, my I offer some promotional advice…

Priority 1 is a conversion tool!

List of plugins easily accessible from the front page, so people can compare, and so people are aware of the size of the B2evol community

Get out and advertise! Slashdot etc have all had articles on MT. Use your mod points etc.

4 May 17, 2004 01:19


Yes we should perhaps advertise but the difference between advertise and spamming is very thin :(

List of plug-ins : none yet because plug in system is a new feature in 0.9 released today :) So actually there isn’t much plug-ins but lot of great features are already included in core. Our main page give a feature list almost complete.