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1 May 09, 2004 18:55 :

For exemple, you have a typical Weblog, with categories and subcategories, where you write about that topics.

And you have another Blog in order to manage your favourite links associated to the same category tree, so that it would be desirable to be able to show the posts for category "Computers" in the first weblog, and also the links for "Computers" in the same page, at the right side, for exemple (or a link to that other blog category content).

I do not know if I'm being clear enough. My pourpose is just that: I have a "main" weblog, and also I want to build two or three other blogs (links, articles,...) "connected" with the main one.

I thought I could get that result thanks to b2evo functionality of several weblogs showed in the same page and —I thought— "connected" between them (so that if you are seing category 1 of blog A, you can also see or have a link to category 1 of blog B ). That kind of things, you know.