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1 Apr 23, 2004 18:15    

This is similar to a comment because it's a way for users to give you feedback. Giving a candy / voting for post the express if they've liked the post or not :)

Hope you understand :)

3 Apr 10, 2004 17:40

IMHO Karma is how author of the post fells…

4 Graham Apr 13, 2004 09:28


This is what Greymatter called Karma though, and it was also the most turned off feature in greymatter. I don’t think this would be overly useful. Maybe as a hack, but not in the default installation.

5 fplanque Apr 13, 2004 11:21


from the b2 forum:
“I was wondering if b2 could recieve such a feature like
Greymatter’s Karma and Xanga’s eProps… they are
voting “links", which, for example, when you press
a plus sign
(+), it goes up which means the entry is good, and when you
press a minus sign (-), it goes down, which the viewer rates
the entry as bad… so, is there such a hack for this?”

6 patrick Apr 18, 2004 22:18


Yes Fran├žois, it’s a way for users (not author) to say if they like or not the entry. Then people (just admin ? author ? everybody ?) can sort entries by popularity.

I do agree graham, this is not a urgent or very useful feature : so it can be a hack/plug in first and then integrated to the “core” but disable by default.

7 faineant May 01, 2004 05:29


i never use any of those things, simply because i don’t see the point. am i the odd one out?