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1 Apr 20, 2004 11:18    

I understood that there was a recurent wish for the following :
post in the forum

I know there was a hack once in b2, but I think it's the same procedure as smileys.

You can put (preferable somewhere in the backoffice) a list of names and the relevant url.
When showing the post, it's instantly changed (like smileys does)

2 fplanque Apr 20, 2004 11:19


When we do this, we’ll use a blog to handle the list. Just as blogrolls are handled.

3 Apr 20, 2004 13:56

Maybe it can be seperated by links and acronyms?! So that they will be both automaticly converted.

4 fplanque Apr 22, 2004 22:46


I was thinking about categories in the ‘glossary’ blog:
- links
- abbrs
- acronyms

This should be implemented as a renderer plugin (plugins are introduced in current CVS version)

5 Topanga Apr 23, 2004 16:18


Since I still don’t know how CVS works, I’ll see it in the beta release