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1 Apr 13, 2004 11:12    

This topic is about the FRONT office and about FRONT office skin switching.

Currently, when you use the skin switcher, the desired skin is stored in a cookie named xxx_evostate.

Note: This selection is saved in a cookie because it has to be persistent accross Sessions, even for non registered users. Thus, this is neither a Session variable nor a UserSetting. And this should stay that way!

The selected skin is applied to all blogs.

Some users want to be able to select a different skin for each blog.

We could enable this with a config switch.

In that case the xxxx_evostate cookie would store a little more than just the latest chosen skin name.

It would store the latest chosen skin name, followed by the last skins chosens for each blog.

Example: I am on blog #3 and just selected the guadeloupe skin.

The xxx_evosatet cookie sent would then contain:


  • when I switch to blog#2 it will display the custom skin.
  • when I switch to blog#3 it will display the guadeloupe skin.
  • when I switch to blog#4 it will not find a saved skin, so it will use default one for that blog.

please keep in mind, we may add other variables (not skin related) in the evostate cookie in the future.

2 Oct 31, 2005 23:35

Because other variables can get stored there later, I’d say to rather use a more strict format to allow parsing of it,
like at least:

We should also consider (un)serialize().

Of course, this must be safe against injections in either case!

3 Nov 02, 2005 11:01

okay for the ( ) enclosing.
Not okay for the serialize. The cookie MUST remain human readable (because of the paranoïds out there).