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1 Apr 09, 2004 22:48    

"Another thingy, related posts. It may be implemented by walking/searching through posts in the same weblog category or via keywords in all posts. "

2 fplanque Apr 09, 2004 23:02


This needs some clarification. What exactly is a related post?

3 patrick Apr 09, 2004 23:08


For example :
I’ve posted about ieCapture a few weeks ago. Danvine has done since this post a lot of modifications so I’ll post the new features of ieCapture and test it. As this post speaks about the same topic or follow a previous post you want to link it to the first post.

This kind of feature is quite hard to explain because you can do this by with a trackback to the first post or having deep and very specific categories

4 fplanque May 16, 2004 10:49


Thought this thru: keywords, definitely. And in a separated table.