Extending b2evolution

Sample User blogs

Browse through recently updated user blogs to see examples of what people have been doing with b2evolution so far...


Decorate your blog with skins. Of course at some point, you'll want to craft your own design, but in the meantime, you can start with a prebuilt skin. A few demo skins are shipped with b2evo, and you can get additional skins here.


No matter how feature rich we could make b2evolution, there'll always be that little specific feature you wish we could add but we just won't find the time to do it. With plugins, there's a chance someone sharing your interest has already implemented that feature! Check it out and get additional plugins here.

Language packs

Everybody understands English these days, right? Well... not quite. b2evolution has been translated into many different languages. You could even easily add your own! Check out the available language packs here.

Pro / Custom development

If you need custom development around b2evolution and don't have the skills or time to do it yourself, check out the list of b2evolution professionals.


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