Sample User Blogs

On the left you can see a list of recently updated cool b2evolution blogs. Those include outstanding designs as well as well known brands or persons. They are all powered by b2evolution, though some of them won't acknowledge that... which we don't think is very cool actually... but still, we figured their design was cool enough to overcome their lack of credit...

On the right you can see a list of recently updated b2evolution blogs from cool people, who, this time, actually give full credit to their favorite blog software. Some blogs are extremely nice, some are less... but nevertheless, we think their authors are cool! :)

How to appear here?

If you want your b2evolution blog(s) to appear on this list, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you don't remove the b2evolution credits from your blog. If you don't even want to give us credit for the free software (ahem... 6 years of work!), why would we want to link to you?
  2. Make sure you agree the Terms Of Service for this listing.
  3. In your blog's properties > advanced > after each new post, check Ping
  4. Because of link spam, all sites will be manually reviewed and approved before appearing on the lists. Review process may take between 45 and 90 days. Watch these factors to be included:
    • Blog age
    • Enough posts
    • Recent posts
    • Visible credits

We reserve the right not to include blogs with offending content, too many very similar blogs from large online communities or any other blog we feel not appropriate.