Downloading: 5.0.6-stable

Non-exhaustive list of changes since version 5.0.5

  • In 5.0.5 we had turned off detailed error messages. This has turned into a support nightmare in the forums where people were unable to report proper error messages when asking for help. Therefore error messages are turned back on by default. But we strongly recommend you learn to turn them off and back on when you need them: Exposing PHP Errors to Visitors
  • Fixed AJAX moderation
  • Post filtering in back-office:
    • If more than 20 members, do not list all possible authors or assignees. Show a suggest box instead.
    • Only display list of assignees if Workflow is enabled in advanced options.
  • Fixed tool which removes per-user email sender settings
  • Better MySQL database backups (compatible for reload on servers, even if they have strict mode enabled)
  • i18n/l10n
    • Strings update
    • Removed "de_DE" and "es_ES" locales from the standard distribution until we have new maintainers for them
    • Bundled "fr_FR" (and other "fr_*") locales now use UTF-8 ("ru_RU" was already using UTF-8)
  • Enhanced email Return-Path handling default setting
  • Enhanced Code Highlight plugin
  • Removed code from autogenerated excerpts.
  • Security enhancements (non critical)
  • Quite a few more bug fixes