Downloading: 4.1.3-stable

Change Log

  • Added extra security check to file upload process.
  • Restricted file setting edits in demo mode.
  • Improved detection of known search engines, improved performance.
  • Upgrade TinyMCE editor to version 3.4.8.
  • Fixed: UI response when deleting comment from recycle bin.
  • Fixed: Use of blog locale in AJAX forms.
  • Fixed: substr_count() made compatible with PHP < 5.1
  • Fixed: In-skin login charset issue.
  • Fixed: Not encoding ampersands in tag URLs.
  • Fixed: Loading required _url.funcs.php file in cron job mode.
  • Fixed: PHP error with undefined function array_combine().
  • Fixed: Intro-Sub was not properly overriding Intro-Cat.
  • Fixed: Hide "Write new post" and "Comments" links from dashboard if user doesn’t have permission, and other small permission checks update.
  • Fixed: Private message notifications emails in case of group conversations.
  • Fixed: Sub template [] not found.
  • Other minor bug fixes.