Downloading: 3.3.0-rc1

Change Log

  • Skins:
    • Skins can now have skin-specific translations ("locales" folder in the skin’s folder, directory structure is the same as for plugin translations). (tblue246)
    • All skins now support setting RSS feeds to ‘none’ (leeturner2701)
  • SEO:
    • <meta> desc and <meta> keywords per blog post (leeturner2701)
    • Category descriptions can be used as meta description on category pages (walter)
  • Admin:
    • Remember whether or not the TinyMCE editor was last used on a per post and per blog basis. (fplanque)
    • Prevent clicking on "Publish NOW!’ when a post is set to protected or private (tblue246)
  • Installer:
    • B2evolution no longer ships with _basic_config.php . It ships with _basic_config.template.php instead. That way, uploading a new release never overwrites the previous base config. The installer now creates _basic_config.php based on _basic_config.template.php + entered form values. (fplanque)
    • Language/locale selection moved to a place where it’s visible! (fplanque)
    • Only one locale is now activated by default (the one selected during install). (fplanque)
    • Simplified main screen (fplanque).
  • Plugins:
    • Twitter plugin no longer requires curl (yabs)
    • New plugin hook: BeforeSessionsDelete (yabs, blueyed)
  • Other:
    • i18n/charset handling improvements (sam2kb)
    • Bug fixes! (blueyed, tblue246, sam2kb, yabs, leeturner2701, fplanque)