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1 Jun 03, 2004 11:34    

The following has been implemented in phoenix.

At this time, you can specify the permissions on the blogs by user.

It would be great if that would be possible on group base.
That way you can very easy manage the rights for a large group of bloggers (magazine..°

For example :
Member A, member B and member C are in the group 'Financial Editors'
The group Financial Editor has publish rights (or has members only rights) on all financial blogs.

Member X and Mamber Y are in the group 'Fashion Editors'.
That group has publish rights on all fashion blogs.

Member D and member E are in the group 'Authors'
The group Authors has draft rights on all blogs.

Member Alfa is in the group chiefeditor
The group chiefeditor can publish and deprecate.

get the picture ?

2 Jun 04, 2004 16:21

do you want to the user rights to be sticky?
What I also could imagine would be to have groups as templates. You would mark users and click apply this template and all checked users would be set to this, but could be changed afterwards individually..

Would groups be the user groups we have already?

3 Jun 04, 2004 16:31

The user who posted the initial thing on the forum knows exactly what he wants.

But if I extract it to what I think he wants, its this :

At this time you have to aply the rights to a blog for each user.
If you have a lot of blogs, or a lot of users, it’s a time consuming thing.

If it was possible to give groups rights (and why not use the groups we have now, because you can make custom groups, right? - I never tried it), than you didn’t had to put that many crosses.
And if you turn it upside down, than you could choose what blogs a group could adapt, indead of what group has rights on a certain blog (it all depends on the amounts of groups, the amounts of users, and the amounts of blogs.

It easy to remember what rights a group has (p.e an editor can publish, an author can’t - if one person changes from group author to group editor, you only have to change the group that user belongs too, and all the rest would be automatic.

4 Jun 04, 2004 23:32

blueyed: I don’t know what you mean by Sticky.

Yes the groups must be the UserGroups we already have. This is the reason I created them for. (Actually I should check if I haven’t posted a todo for this too!)

No groups MUST NOT act as templates for users. the right must be combined dynamically. Admins must be able to change the rights for whole groups without going back to each user.

Topanga: you got it all right I think.