Web hosting feedback

We would be pleased to hear about your experience with your web hosting company, in order to refine our selection of best web hosting offers.

If you have feedback on a company already listed, please leave it as a comment on the appropriate page.

For other hosting companies, you can use the following form. We are especially interested in:

  • What are you hosting on your site? (please provide the web address / url)
  • How easy was it to sign up?
  • How easy was it to install your software / content?
  • How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
  • Did you experience some downtime? (where you could not access your site but you could still access Google for example)
  • How was your experience with tech/customer support?

Note: no need to spam this with positive/negative comments about a particular host. Any claims will need to check out with multiple sources. We have removed listings in the past after multiple downtime complaints, backed with similar claims on other sites/forums as well as our own robots' reports.

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