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LunarPages Scalable Cloud VPS

LunarPages Scalable Cloud VPS

$ 44.95/mo

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Cloud VPS infrastructure

LunarPages Scalable Cloud VPS

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« Many other hosting providers will take a single, physical dedicated server to create multiple VPS servers using the hard resources that dedicated server has to offer. In other words, they will take one physical server and split it up into many smaller Virtual Private Servers. The problem with this is if there is a hardware failure, such a CPU, RAM, or Hard Drive failure, every VPS under that machine will experience a problem. Sometimes these failures are catastrophic.

This is why Lunarpages offers the Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting solution. Lunarpages uses a state of the art configuration which involves putting up a redundant storage area network with redundant, high-speed solid state disk storage connected to a high availability cluster of Frontend Servers loaded with ram and the best processors available. We then use a virtualization software to create a layer of virtual servers from the Storage Area Network and Frontend Servers. At no time is your VPS dependent on one physical machine so if there is a hardware failure in one of the physical machines in the cloud of web servers, each virtual private server remains online. The remaining physical machines pick up the workload and carry on. »

CentOS 7 / Ubuntu / Windows Standard 2016 Server • Host UNLIMITED Sites • Root SSH Access • Managed Hosting • 99.9% Uptime • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee • Guaranteed RAM

RAM: 1 GB increments up to a total 12 GB of ram $0.60 per GB per day • CPU: increase up to 8 core $0.30 per core per day • Disk Space: increase for $0.015 per GB per day • Bandwidth: $0.35 per GB

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Selected hosting package: Scalable Cloud VPS
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
6 Month Contract$ 47.95 /mo$ 287.70
12 Month Contract$ 44.95 /mo$ 539.40
24 Month Contract$ 44.95 /mo$ 1078.80
36 Month Contract$ 44.95 /mo$ 1618.20

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Company Logo:
Package Name:Scalable Cloud VPS
3 Words:Cloud VPS infrastructure
Sticker Price:$ 44.95
3 Month contract:$ 149.85
6 Month contract:$ 287.70
12 Month contract:$ 539.40
24 Month contract:$ 1 078.80
36 Month contract:$ 1 618.20
Processor (Cores):2 cores
Bandwidth (TB/mo):1.0
VPS OS choice:CentOS 7 / Ubuntu / Windows Standard 2016 Server

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I am a customer and soon will not be. Don’t use them, nothing but problems.

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