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$ 1.99/mo

Control Panel: vDeck

Low price


Extra low price
Excellent value
Good for beginners
Platform technology not sufficient for geeks
No SSD disks
This plan is the best choice if you're looking for the lowest price.

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« At iPage, we have a team of folks who think about nothing but the customer experience and our user interfaces. Every month, we launch something to make it easier for you to use our services. And, we do loads of user testing and surveys to identify and address our customers' "pain points."

We don't stop at web hosting! Of course, your iPage control panel gives you access to tools for creating and enhancing your website; but you'll also get free advertising credits on top search engines, search-engine optimization tools, PC backup, malware scanning, security applications and more.

Free point & click site builder including Free online store • Free Marketing Suite • Free Security Suite • Unlimited MySQL Databases • Unlimited emails • Unlimited Domains Hosted • Easy install of many scripts including b2evolution

When you contact us, you'll almost always be in touch with one of our North American agents in less than two minutes. You'll also be dealing with someone who has passed a variety of tests and meets our quality standards. Plus, you'll receive a survey that helps us assess whether or not you had a great experience. »

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Selected hosting package: Go Plan
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 2.99 /mo$ 35.88
24 Month Contract$ 2.49 /mo$ 59.76
36 Month Contract$ 1.99 /mo$ 71.64

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iPage details & alternatives

BlueHostiPageA2 Hosting
Hosting Company
Package NameBasicGo PlanLite
Positives Backups included
Good price
Extra low price
Excellent value
Good for beginners
Excellent platform technology
Choice of datacenter
Very transparent website
Negatives No SSD disks
Blocked outgoing pings
Limited storage & email
Bad support of b2evolution
Platform technology not sufficient for geeks
No SSD disks
Automatic daily backups not included (available as upgrade)
SummaryThis plan may be used if you are using an external email service (e-g Gmail) and don't have too many photos/videos on your site. Quality & features of BlueHost have degraded lately.This plan is the best choice if you're looking for the lowest price.This plan is downright excellent with one exception: you'll have to rely on manual backups or upgrade to get automated backups. Active b2evolution support.
Check out the offer on the webhost's siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit site
Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 2.95$ 1.99$ 2.99
1 Month (Trial) N/AN/A$ 10.99
Monthly for 12 mo $ 4.95$ 2.99$ 6.99
Monthly for 24 mo $ 3.95$ 2.49$ 4.39
Monthly for 36 mo $ 2.95$ 1.99$ 2.99
Renewal Price (1 mo) N/AN/A$ 10.99
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 8.99$ 9.99$ 8.99
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 8.49$ 8.99$ 7.99
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 7.99$ 7.99$ 7.99
Renewal Price Max $ 8.99$ 9.99$ 9.99
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30 days30 daysAnytime!
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com FreeFree$ 14.95 /yr
.com Renewal $ 15.99 /yr$ 16.99 /yr$ 14.95 /yr
.com Privacy $ 14.88 /yr$ 12.99 /yr$ 9.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space 50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account 1Unlimited1
Alias/Parked Domains 5Unlimited25
Subdomains 25Unlimited5
Max DBs 20Unlimited5
Free SSL
Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Shared certificate

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access
Cron Jobs
Included backups (Nightly)
Courtesy Backups
Backup Upgrade$35.88 /yr
Site Backup & Restore Pro
Daily, retained for 14 days
Upgrade to higher plan
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accounts5Unlimited25
Email aliasesN/AUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage100 MB500 MBUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IP$ 5.99 /moN/A$ 4.00 /mo
Datacenters in USA212
Datacenters in Europenonenone1
Datacenters in Asianonenone1
Green energy
CO2 offset by Carbonfund.org
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
Domain only

Domain only

Domain only
Auto-Installer Mojo MarketplaceMojo MarketplaceSoftaculous
Hosting Company
Control PanelcPanelvDeckcPanel
Advanced b2evo supportN/AN/A
Shared OSLinux 3.10LinuxLinux
PHP 7.0 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 (Choose Your Version)
Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 (switch as you wish)
PERL 5.10
Node.js (no tech support)
MySQL 5.6 5.6
PostgreSQL 9.6


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1 star:
21 ratings
Average user rating:

Comment from: Sandra Visitor


I had this company for 2 weeks and never managed to get off the ground. The web-builder is clean, neat and super easy to use (some bugs, but I’m smart enough to work around them) but limited to 6 pages. You want more? Pay up. You want an SSL? Pay up. Security? Pay up. Heck, even wordpress you had to pay an extra $50 to get access.

I got my money back quickly enough because billing is American. But the tech support people? The woman who answered my tech questions had to keep putting me on hold to get the answers and her English was full of unnecessary words and ums and uhs as she tried to comprehend what I was saying and frame a response. I felt like I was talking to someone with High School level English. (Not against foreign tech support all together. I just prefer more stringent controls on hiring. Best Tech support I ever got was Microsoft Bangladesh. The lady was super helpful, had beautiful Indian accent to her perfect English. So good foreign support is possible just rare, and not here.)

I switched to A2.

Comment from: Camilo Visitor


I can NOT understand why these people still remain at the top of the review list. I first started using them about 6 years ago or so and they were fantastic! That has CHANGED in recent years!

One of the things that impressed me the most when I first started using them was their people. The all spoke great English, were knowledgeable, really wanted to help and make sure your issues were resolved when you called and were just super nice.

Even now to be fair, they still have some incredible tech support people working for them, but getting one at times can be next to impossible. On one recent attempt to get support, I was on my 3rd call trying to communicate with someone whose English seemed limited to things like where is the bathroom. Since I was desperate to help, I continued to try working with them while my wife called repeatedly until someone who spoke fluent English answered. I think it took her about 7 tries.

When you do get one of their English speaking support personnel, they are awesome, BUT in addition to adding some terrible non-English speaking support personnel, their hosting has declined as well. If you only get 3 or 4 users an hour on your site you will be fine, but for over a week now every time GA got about 20 active users on my Wordpress site it would crash.

I called and begged and pleased with them offering to upgrade whatever they suggested would keep my page online. First I was told to upgrade the Wordpress hosting package and that would solve the problem. It did NOT! Then I was told if I purchased more queries that would solve my problem, so I did and they did NOT!

Finally after about 6 days, so many calls I can’t remember because my page kept going down, stress like no one wants to deal with, God knows how much money they cost me as my site was just starting to grow and get decent traffic, and my reputation being MUD as I have been bombarded with nasty messages about my site not being online and continually crashing, people I will probably never get back…

In closing, my best recommendation to anyone looking to host a WordPress site, STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! Seriously, look elsewhere or you will be moving your site in a month is you survive the stress of dealing with these people!

Comment from: Bushey55 Visitor


All services fine, and the initial sign up cost was very reasonable for their cheapest package. Then I got notice they would be charging me $286.80 for a one year renewal. So I had to go through the hassle of finding another host.

Comment from: Neil Visitor


The support help is very courteous and patient. They are dependable and dedicated to offer the best help. On the downside, the response time for support during the last year is terrible. Waiting 10 to 30 minutes is not uncommon for getting help most of the time.

Comment from: venkatesan Visitor


my sql concurent connection - 10 – you cant increase at anytime
they wont allow remote connection for database

Comment from: Psy Visitor


I have the same simple script problem as another poster has mentioned. It is still an issue and finally I had to have them install the script for me manually but it needs a security update which I cannot apply because I don’t have permission. I paid a fair bit more at my previous host but at least things worked without multiple visits to the support chat/ticket system. I paid for a 3 year plan and after 3 months I am full of regret.

Comment from: jt Visitor


The idea of luring people over by offering very low monthly hosting fees and switching to charging them arms and legs for simple services such as virus scan is very very bad business practice. iPage charges $7.50 a month to run anti virus on your site, and up to 49.99 a month to automatically prevent virus of reaching your site. They do not show you this until you have already signed up with them. It is later that they hit you with it.

Comment from: Jake Visitor


The upload speed of my site was good. Service kinda sucked. Beware of price, it is only introductory. Second year the wanted 11$ a month for basic service. After I complained they offered to reduce it to 7$ for one extra year. :(
Left dissapointed.

Comment from: Akanksha Visitor


The quality of service that iPage is providing is very solid. Add to the fact that their service is quite very affordable.It also provide Unlimited Disk Space,Unlimited Transfer / Bandwidth,Unlimited Domains,Unlimited MySQL Databases,Unlimited Email Address.So it is good to use iPage.

Comment from: Lanny Visitor


A great and value hosting.
hi, Junedc, I am using easycron.com for my crons.

Comment from: Ninja Visitor


The initial price is great but if you are using anything like WordPress the service sucks. Takes forever to do anything. I had them help me they only made it load slower, although at least he tried. I even added the wordpress addon they have. It didn’t do anything. I mean maybe it helped a few days but after that…. The site opened slow no matter what ISP service I was using on my end. At this moment it is only slightly better in the morning then at night. I am currently searching for another host.

Comment from: Jorawar Singh Visitor

Jorawar Singh

For different users there are different experience with the hosts not every host is perfect but hostgator , bluehost and ipage are the most cheap and reliable hosts in the web world. Ipage is very cheap and they have good support.

Comment from: gus Visitor


Take advantage of their introductory pricing and then move elsewhere to avoid the 4x price increase just before your next contract renewal.

Comment from: Alibb Visitor


Its not that bad. But had 2 downtime (uninformed) in 1.5-2months. For me They are short tho, for 20 mins max.

Comment from: Dawn Visitor


I am not tech savy enough to put up a website without help. I signed up for the Jumpstart package to help me. Not only did they not keep their appointment with me, I could not get an explanation from sales or support. I will be asking for my money back. I would love to “make my vote count” with 0 stars, but I couldn’t get my website up to “list”

Comment from: Jack B. Visitor

Jack B.

This was a good service at the onset. However, these prices are only “introductory", a lot like what the cable company does to get you order service from them. The very next year there was a SERIOUS price increase. After doing some investigation I found that this was their regular pricing. I swallowed it though and renewed. The very next year they increased their prices again. Our little business doesn’t make enough money to justify the price for a year of this service. And don’t be fooled most of the others do the same thing. Read past the glitzy ads and crazy low rates, it’s all in the fine print.

Comment from: Dianix Visitor


Signed up with iPage and I have not been able to get my website up and running due to a problem with simplescripts. The issue with simplescripts has not been resolved and it’s been already 5 days since I contacted them regarding that; and every time I contact them all they tell me is “our engineers are working hard to resolve the issue” - well… I don’t think it’s right that I am on the fifth day already and nothing has been resolved!

Comment from: Robert Visitor


Interesting drag and drop page builder for those that need it … BUT … the price is only a COME ON. ON RENEWAL the price goes up to something like $8.49. That is an 800% jump, HUGE for someone shopping for cheap hosting for a low traffic information page.

Comment from: ahmed kamel Visitor

ahmed kamel

Great host with awesome services and support, their price is great but for the first year only, Renewal pricing is kinda high.

Comment from: Paul A Visitor

Paul A

iPage has excellent quality for the price.
If you want, you can sign up for a long term contract to lock in teh low price for several years.

Comment from: Andrei Visitor


They just check by default some features when you purchase.
All you have to do is before you purchase look at how much money you have to pay and uncheck those features until that amount drops to minimum.

Comment from: Paulo Blindado Visitor

Paulo Blindado

The service is very good with respect to speed, stability and service, but leaves much to be desired with the lack of cpanel.

Another downside is the flood of attempts to push services on your application, generating ecessity, “No Tanks!”
And on top at the end of everything already force you to renew with many services included, different from what you chose at registration.
For example:
I made a very basic plan and gave each $ 35.90 per year.
And when I looked in “Renew” there was a pending $ 115 for the following year. And it’s not easy to get to keep renew $ 35.90.

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