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$ 3.95/mo

Control Panel: cPanel

Multiple countries


Backups included
No SSD disks
Limited storage
Single site
This is an average plan which may be interesting in some countries (check non-USD prices on the site, see below).

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« Affordable price plans, secure servers, first class 24/7 technical support and a wide range of features make hosting your website with Just Host the obvious choice. Just Host are dedicated to providing their customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee • Unlimited Domains • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts • Unlimited MySQL Databases • FREE Site Builder • FREE Domain for Life • FREE Instant Setup

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Just Host provides your complete web hosting solution»

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Selected hosting package: JustPlan
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 5.95 /mo$ 71.40
24 Month Contract$ 4.95 /mo$ 118.80
36 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 142.20

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JustHost details & alternatives

Hosting Company
Package NameGo PlanJustPlanHatchling
Positives Extra low price
Excellent value
Good for beginners
Backups included Weekly off-site backups included
Interesting renewal prices
Negatives Platform technology not sufficient for geeks
No SSD disks
No SSD disks
Limited storage
Single site
No SSD disk
Extra cost for daily backups
No alias domains for your site
SummaryThis plan is the best choice if you're looking for the lowest price.This is an average plan which may be interesting in some countries (check non-USD prices on the site, see below).This plan will suit you if you want to host a single domain website and you don't need privacy on your domain name.
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Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 1.99$ 3.95$ 2.78
1 Month (Trial) N/A$ 7.99$ 7.66
Monthly for 12 mo $ 2.99$ 5.95$ 5.37
Monthly for 24 mo $ 2.49$ 4.95$ 3.98
Monthly for 36 mo $ 1.99$ 3.95$ 2.80
Renewal Price (1 mo) N/A$ 11.99$ 10.95
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 9.99$ 10.99$ 8.95
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 8.99$ 9.99$ 7.95
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 7.99$ 9.49$ 6.95
Renewal Price Max $ 9.99$ 11.99$ 10.95
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Money Back
30 days30 days45 days
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com FreeFree$ 12.95 /yr
.com Renewal $ 16.99 /yr$ 15.99 /yr$ 12.95 /yr
.com Privacy $ 12.99 /yr$ 14.88 /yr$ 14.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space Unlimited50 GBUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account Unlimited11
Alias/Parked Domains UnlimitedUnlimited0
Subdomains Unlimited25Unlimited
Max DBs Unlimited20Unlimited
Free SSL
Shared certificate

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access
Cron Jobs?
Included backups (Nightly)
Courtesy Backups
Off-Site Data Backups
Backup Upgrade$12/yr
Daily, retained for 14 days
$2/mo for daily backups
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accountsUnlimited5Unlimited
Email aliasesUnlimitedN/AUnlimited
Email Storage500 MB100 MBUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IPN/A$ 5.99 /mo
Datacenters in USA112
Datacenters in Europenonenonenone
Datacenters in Asianonenonenone
Green energy
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
Domain only

1 full site
or 1 full cPanel
Auto-InstallerMojo MarketplaceMojo MarketplaceQuickInstall
Hosting Company
Control PanelvDeckcPanelcPanel
Advanced b2evo supportN/AN/AN/A
Shared OSLinuxLinuxLinux
PHP 5 & 7
Node.js (no tech support)


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4 star:
3 star:
2 star:
1 star:
25 ratings
Average user rating:

Comment from: Doc Visitor


I started with $6/month hosting, after a year it has now doubled to about $12/month to renew. I did add privacy measures and backup capablity, which brought my total annual fee to over $180…not doing it…it is now becoming like other utilities and cable companies competing aganst each other (changing every other year)…one would think they would try to retain customers, based on SERVICE vs PRICE?? This is crazy

Comment from: Nic Visitor


I’ve been using justhost for about 2 or 3 years (initially attracted to their reasonable prices, which were $5 or 6 per month at the time. Now it is renewal time and they want me to pay $12 to $15 per month? Yeah right!! I will be moving to another service asap (hence how i stumbled across this site)

Comment from: Javid Visitor


It started very well, but after 1 year they startet charging too much. It’s not recommended.

Comment from: Eduardo Visitor


I’ve been using this service for about three years now.
Everything started so well, but in the past few months their support service it´s been too mediocre.
The first issue I had something to do with a technical issue of the provider, they changed IP’s and didn’t notice us clients. Their support team is not prepared to solve special technical issues, I had to tell the guy how to solve the issue…

The second issue had to do with sales, I special service or Add On was about to expire.
I checked on my account that this service would not renew automatically and opened a ticket just to make sure. Same day they renew the service as if I told them to do so (Expiration date was a few days ahead).
They responded the ticket and issued the refund (with conditions), next few hours guess what? they charged for the same service again.

To me, it seems this company is growing two fast and don’t have the proper (in number and training) employees to keep up with their clients.

Comment from: Frustrated Visitor


They used to have great rates.. now it’s almost 13 dollars a month.. $150+ for a year? I don’t think so.

Comment from: guy Visitor


I really enjoyed my host until the other day. apparently they offer unlimted hosting, well that is not true, i have been asked to reduce my mysql queries and reduce my file count or face termination of my account because i have many websites running on shared host.. so it’s not unlimited..

i’m shopping around now…!!!

copy paste from my account:

Your account contains more than 9740 directories and may pose a potential performance risk to the server.
Please reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent possible account deactivation.

copy and paste from email:

It has come to our attention that your site is using an excessive amount of MySQL resources on your Just Host account. This is causing performance problems not only on your own website, but for other customers that are on this same server. When left unchecked, it can potentially cause crashes or service interruptions and lead to additional downtime.

Our research shows that server performance degrades when the MySQL usage is over 1000 tables and/or 3 GB on a single account or 1000 tables and/or 2 GB on a single database. In order to ensure optimal performance for your account and the others in your shared hosting environment, we request that you reduce the MySQL usage on your account to under these limits by 08/03/2014.

Your account information:
Total MySQL Database Size: 70.64 MB
Total MySQL Tables: 1283

Largest MySQL Database Size: 32.20 MB
Largest MySQL Table Count: 272

We do understand that these databases may be old or unused, and that there are programs/scripts that may create new tables automatically. If you need assistance with removing content or help troubleshooting the reason for this problem we will be happy to assist you in doing so. After you have removed the unused or excessively large MySQL content you may request a rescan of the account, to establish whether or not you’re within acceptable limits.

In the event that your MySQL database content cannot feasibly be removed, separated across several accounts, compressed or optimized to be within these limits, we do offer an upgraded “Pro” hosting package that can accommodate bigger database needs. Pro accounts are moved to a server specifically configured for users needing higher limitations than those available in our standard hosting, and combine additional features with fewer customers per server. This is available via the Upgrades tab for purchase from your cPanel. If you have questions about this upgraded package, please contact our Support or Sales department.

Proper maintenance of your account will ensure the best performance for your website. If you are unable to comply with these requests your account will be automatically deactivated by 08/03/2014 to maintain proper server performance. Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.

Alternatively if you would like to increase the table count and size allowance, you may do so by upgrading to our PRO Package. This will migrate your account to one of our special PRO servers which allows for additional resource usage including MySQL. With the PRO Package your account can have up to 3,000 tables and size limits of 3GB per individual database and 5GB for all databases combined. Learn more about the PRO Package by clicking on the Upgrades Tab at the top of your Bluehost cPanel or contacting a member of our Sales team.

Per conditions stated in the Terms of Service (http://www.justhost.com/terms), this issue needs to be resolved:
7.03. Just Host does not set arbitrary limits on the amountof disk space a Subscriber can use for the Subscriber’s website, nor does Just Host charge additional fees based on an increased amount of storage used, provided the Subscriber’s use of storage complies with these Terms. Please note, however, that the Just Host service is designed to host websites. Just Host does NOT provide unlimited space for online storage, backups, or archiving of electronic files, documents, log files, etc., and any such prohibited use of the Services will result in the termination of Subscriber’s account, with or without notice. Accounts with a large number of files (inode count in excess of 200,000) can have an adverse affect on server performance. Similarly, accounts with an excessive number of MySQL/PostgreSQL tables (i.e., in excess of 1000 database tables) or of database size (i.e., in excess of 3GB total MySQL/PostgreSQL usage or 2GB MySQL/PostgreSQL usage in a single database) negatively affect the performance of the server. Just Host may request that the number of files/inodes, database tables, or total database usage be reduced to ensure proper performance or may terminate the Subscriber’s account, with or without notice.

Terms of Service Compliance Department
1958 South 950 East
Provo, UT 84606
Phone line: (888) 755-7585 Option 5 | Fax line: 801-765-1992

Comment from: Richard Visitor


Just Host started off great until they redesigned their hosting platform. Once this changed my account was regularly deactivated by bots for little or no reason without notice taking my sites and my customers sites offline. If you want your sites up all the time do NOT use JustHost!

Comment from: Ayphil Visitor


I have hosted buyandsellright.com with justhost.
Initial cost of hosting with Just Host reasonable but subsequent renewal is a bit on the high side.
There Server is okay.

Comment from: TC the IT guy Visitor

TC the IT guy

Attracted by the initial hosting fees, but quite disturbed by the jump in cost upon renewal.
During the first year, changes in the built-in web design interface changed a lot, and became very difficult to even find let alone use. My mistake - I used their built-in utilities to design my site, more as less as a “test", but I made the personal mistake of getting carried away and developed the site further with one of the silly newbie tools and templates they provided, rather than doing it in a real web authoring program and uploading. Oops to that.
Dropped their service after the 2nd term because:
(a) I really needed to redesing the site using something “real” (like b2evolution)
(b) Renewal price hike is out of bounds.
My recommendation is consider using JustHost if you are either designing a site that you expect to only exist for one year, or if it is on someone else’s dime.

Comment from: Gabe Visitor


The initial sign up fees is low however, when you the renewal time comes around they slap you with high fees of about $8.95 a month from the 2 bucks that you initially signed up with.

Comment from: Sam Spratt Visitor

Sam Spratt

Just Host have been great for me and my website. I moved to Just Host because they had great reviews and shortly after I realized why. I tried out their website builder it was really easy to use and had hundreds of templates, so I built a new site from scrath - djvelos.com.

Their low cost, tech support is great and their control panel is quality.

Best host around in my opinion.

Comment from: Matt Jason Visitor

Matt Jason

It’s my first time to make a website and I’ve chosen justhost simply because of positive feedback and its reliability.

I highly recommended justhost to anyone who is starting from scratch.

Comment from: Thomas Visitor


I’ve used JustHost for over a year now.

While I was a newbie to ALL OF THIS a year ago, I stumbled on JustHost by chance, and now use them for all my hosting needs. Several of my sites receive over 10k visits a month (still climbing, woohoo UFO sightings!) and the page performance is great, the customer service is as everyone says, great. The back-end administration area is easy to use and navigate, everything from one-click WordPress installation, to a Site Builder program, forum installation, everything you could want.

Highly recommend.

Jayadev designer

Am using just host service for the past 6 months and am fully satisfied with their support and consideration towards every customer and they rely mean who customer are and how to deal with them, I host my clients websites on just host and they run perfectly in good health.

Comment from: Kostas Visitor


I had no problem with justhost and usually they have a good support especially their chat support, but their rate after the promo year is simply TOO expensive, they want me to pay 132 dollars per year from now on and before it was 60 dollars, unfortunately i am not happy since there are plenty hosting providers out there with the same credibility but lower rates

Comment from: Miles Whitley Visitor

Miles Whitley

I wanted to wait at least a month before posting a comment about JustHost because I wanted a chance to get to know it and not just give a first impression evaluation. I have so many positive things to say about JustHost, but I will try not to make this too long.

- First off, JustHost offered a fantastic price for many options and features.
- They helped me transfer my site from my previous website host perfectly.
- The amount of learning material and tutorials is very impressive.
- Tech Support is superior ? very knowledgeable with super fast response time.
- The amount of features and options is mind-boggling.
- I was billed twice for an extra feature that I bought, but when I brought it to the attention of the billing department, I got an almost immediate refund.
- JustHost costs less than half of what I was paying with my previous website host, yet the service is much better and more sophisticated.
- If I get stuck and cannot find a solution to a problem, Tech Support is on the ball. They may give me instructions on how to do it myself or refer me to a tutorial. If that doesn?t work, they will take care of the problem for me.
- There is a great communication center that keeps track of all communication to and from JustHost.

I could keep going, but I need to keep this a reasonable length. The only negative thing I can think of is that sometimes the e-mail responses from JustHost don?t get thru to me. However, I know now that if I don?t get an answer, I can sign on and view all e-mails to and from JustHost.

In summary, I highly recommend this web hosting company. The price can?t be beat, the options and features are many, the Tech Support staff is very knowledgeable and responds very quickly and, last but not least, I am very pleased with the look of my website - I have received a lot of positive feedback. What more can I say? Thanks JustHost!

Comment from: Alex Visitor


A good hosting. Really, a good one. However be prepared that the renewal price will be twice as high as for the firsttimership. Some increase is okay, but twice… Consider it.

Comment from: Naresh Visitor


I have hosted my website http://blogweightloss.net on Just Host and very happy with their service and highly recommend using Just Host Since it gives prompt answers without keeping you waiting and all your emails are answered.I am a happy customer of Just Host.

Comment from: Ajna Visitor


I wonder how they can support such a cost effective offer.

Btw, while a decent call center or ticket system is nowadays a commodity, a good amount of support material is ALWAYS a neat plus.

Comment from: dreamvib Visitor


I’ve tried other hosting companies and so far THIS IS THE BEST among them!

I’m a bit hesitant at first since they’re just new in the market. But looking at their comments on most of the sites I went to they’re superb when it comes to customer service, not to mention on their cheap price for their excellent features!

Comment from: Tim Lully Visitor

Tim Lully

JustHost.com provides a level of support that I have never experienced before. I started and with absolutely no knowledge of what I was getting into and in just days I had, not just a website, but a business up and running. I work around the clock and they are always there for me. They are very courteous, accurate and speedy. I recommend that if you own a business that must provide technical support that you sign up with JustHost.com if for no other reason, to see how it’s done. Microsoft, are you getting this?

Comment from: Dave Nunley Visitor

Dave Nunley

I chose you guys by a way I normally avoid, via internet ratings. I noticed JustHost was number one in several catagories, most important to me was customer service and I am not disappointed. Fast, curteous, response to all my questions. I mean within 30 minutes fast, hard to beat that.

The Site Builder software provided free, was a little different than what I was used to, but I soon adjusted and now enjoy editing my site with ease. Every time I think I have found something not included with your services, I was wrong and needed to look in a different place.

Thanks for your excellent service
Dave Nunley
Alaskan Organic Plant Food LLC.

Comment from: Jila Davoodi Visitor

Jila Davoodi

I am an amature who wanted to create my web site myself. I signed up with JustHost for only one year because I wanted to see how the service and help would be. On my first day, I had questions. I was so impressed about the quality and timeliness of response that I asked JustHost to upgrade me to two-year subscription. I would rate them very high and recommend them.

Comment from: Debbie Prebys Visitor

Debbie Prebys

hello everyone,

I have been with Justhost for a number of weeks now and have never had a major problem with their service. Techs are pretty fast and usually get back to you within half an hour of sending a ticket, the phone team are a little slower but you are rarely kept waiting for longer than 5 minutes.My website loads just as fast as any other I honestly couldn’t be happier to have hosted here!!

Comment from: Recca Ang Visitor

Recca Ang

I took a risk when signing up with justhost I know justhost is new but something about the site really appeals to me. I have been hosted for just over a month now and am 100% happy with the service. Support is fast and extremely helpful, justhost gets a big thumbs up from me!

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