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$ 3.15/mo

Control Panel: vDeck

vDeck panel


Can run unlimited (small) sites on a single account
Interesting if you're used to the vDeck control panel
No SSD disks
High renewal prices
This plan is interesting if you're used to the vDeck control panel, but you will have to cancel & switch hosts before renewal kicks in (too expensive).

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« Since 1998 the FatCow Web Hosting plan has provided reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses. Whether you're looking for a small business web host or domain name for you business ? FatCow has the service and experienced team to support you!

Unlimited MySQL Databases • Unlimited emails • Unlimited Domains Hosted • Website Builder • Shopping cart • Easy install of many scripts

Our offices and our data centers are all 100% powered by wind energy. You can be proud that the machines hosting your website & email are fully eco-friendly! »

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Selected hosting package: Mini Moo
Payment planMonthlyTotal price
12 Month Contract$ 3.67 /mo$ 44.04
24 Month Contract$ 3.15 /mo$ 75.60
36 Month Contract$ 3.15 /mo$ 113.40

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FatCow details & alternatives

Hosting Company
Package NameGo PlanMini MooHatchling
Positives Extra low price
Excellent value
Good for beginners
Can run unlimited (small) sites on a single account
Interesting if you're used to the vDeck control panel
Weekly off-site backups included
Interesting renewal prices
Negatives Platform technology not sufficient for geeks
No SSD disks
No SSD disks
High renewal prices
No SSD disk
Extra cost for daily backups
No alias domains for your site
SummaryThis plan is the best choice if you're looking for the lowest price.This plan is interesting if you're used to the vDeck control panel, but you will have to cancel & switch hosts before renewal kicks in (too expensive).This plan will suit you if you want to host a single domain website and you don't need privacy on your domain name.
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Pricing breakdown
Pricing breakdown
Hosting Company
Best price for you $ 1.99$ 3.15$ 2.78
1 Month (Trial) N/A$ 5.00$ 7.66
Monthly for 12 mo $ 2.99$ 3.67$ 5.37
Monthly for 24 mo $ 2.49$ 3.15$ 3.98
Monthly for 36 mo $ 1.99$ 3.15$ 2.80
Renewal Price (1 mo) N/A$ 14.95$ 10.95
Renewal Price (12 mo) $ 9.99$ 14.95$ 8.95
Renewal Price (24 mo) $ 8.99$ 13.95$ 7.95
Renewal Price (36 mo) $ 7.99$ 12.95$ 6.95
Renewal Price Max $ 9.99$ 14.95$ 10.95
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Money Back
30 days30 days45 days
Domain Pricing
Hosting Company
Use existing domain
Register new .com FreeFree$ 12.95 /yr
.com Renewal $ 16.99 /yr$ 16.99 /yr$ 12.95 /yr
.com Privacy $ 12.99 /yr$ 12.99 /yr$ 14.95 /yr
Hosting Features
Hosting Company
Disk space UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD Disk
Sites per Account UnlimitedUnlimited1
Alias/Parked Domains UnlimitedUnlimited0
Subdomains UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max DBs UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSL
Shared certificate

Shared certificate

Let's Encrypt
Auto renew
SSH Access
Cron Jobs
Included backups Weekly
Off-Site Data Backups
Backup Upgrade$12/yr
Daily, retained for 14 days
Daily, retained for 14 days
$2/mo for daily backups
Email features
Hosting Company
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email aliasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage500 MB500 MBUnlimited
Network Features
Dedicated IPN/AN/A
Datacenters in USA112
Datacenters in Europenonenonenone
Datacenters in Asianonenonenone
Green energy
Green Rating
Transfer/Migration service
Domain only

1 full site
or 1 full cPanel
Auto-InstallerMojo Marketplace Mojo MarketplaceQuickInstall
Hosting Company
Control PanelvDeckvDeckcPanel
Advanced b2evo supportN/AN/AN/A
Shared OSLinuxLinuxLinux
PHP 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 & 7.1 5 & 7


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Comment from: marilyn Visitor


Yes, it’s cute, and runs well, and presumably reasonably priced. However, each year is a fight over auto-renewal (which I always turn off), yet somehow it always winds up ON! Now they’re telling me I have two accounts (which I don’t) and insist on charging me to cancel an account which I don’t have. Good for long-term use when you never speak to them.

Comment from: Matt Visitor


Jerry, what you said is absolutely right. Fatcow doesn’t have any security measures, and I am going through the same issue that you have faced.

Comment from: Jerry Visitor


While FatCow is relatively inexpensive, you need a pretty strong technical background to get the most out of their services. Sure, they offer some nice site building tools, SimpleScripts is great for installing apps, and CPanel is straightforward.
But heaven help the novice (such as myself) when your site is attacked and you find out FatCow can’t help you. There was so much malicious code spread around my site that I couldn’t track it all down on my own. I asked FatCow to wipe my site clean and let me start all over. They told me they couldn’t do that.
Being leery of future attacks, I asked what security options they offered. They don’t; instead they partner with SiteLock which I had to purchase separately (albeit at a member discount). Once that was purchased, SiteLock informed me that I needed to change a bunch of DNS settings that I didn’t understand or know how to get at. FatCow’s SiteLock tutorials are out of date so they’re no help and tech support can’t/won’t make the changes for me. It’s an awful lot of work for someone who just want to get a basic website up.
If they’re going to partner with a third party, the app setup needs to be much simpler. Hell, I’m not the techie, they are, so why do I have to do all things under the hood to make my site work; which it doesn’t yet since the crash a few weeks ago. The “cheap” hosting price won’t make up for the time I’ve spent trying to fix this mess. Thank goodness I don’t have a business site with them otherwise I’d be staring at a bunch of lost revenue.

Comment from: anon Visitor


^I am finding this is true for every hosting service.
Its even more frustrating that I cant seem to find a solid answer on what the usual rate will be in the future of my site.

Comment from: Phil Weiss Visitor

Phil Weiss

For people who complain about SQL speed, it is because you don’t properly using caching. Enable the caching feature of b2evo and your site will be blazing fast!

Comment from: George Visitor


FatCow is a good hosting service but do not get pulled in by the idea it is cheap. The $3.15 per month hype is only for the first year, as I have just found out. The second year costs $190.8 or $15.90 per month. This was not made clear on signing up when nothing was said about special offer. To me to quote $3.15 per month without qualifying it as a special offer is nothing but a con!

Comment from: Anthony Visitor


Good site hosting with many bells and whistles. Very poor SQL speed and some templates (such as the wiki setup) are very sluggish to load (even after multiple visits to ’seed it’). Pricing jumps significantly after your first year, and they shut you down without warning weeks before your time is up. Very unacceptable billing practices.

Comment from: W Visitor


Excellent speeds on a normal website, but if you’re planning on using its SQL databases (e.g. making a forums for the site), don’t go with Fatcow. Although the speeds are excellent for normal sites, the SQL is absolutely horrible. I’ve had loading times range from less than a second to 10 minutes for the forums on my site. I recommend a different host for SQL users.

Comment from: Martin Kelly Visitor

Martin Kelly

I am afraid we had a very negative experience with Fatcow. We have experience with building websites and all that but to be quite frank
they are con merchants. If you are asked to put in a domain name to see if it is available and the site says they give you a free domain, then you would expect that domain name they said was available to be the one you could have…. well you can’t… they offer you the basic name that you put in with “fatcow.com” or some nonsense added to it- as your free domain….. NOT THE ONE THEY SAID WAS AVAILABLE AT THE BEGINNING

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