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12 Month Contract$ 3.99 /mo$ 47.88

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Comment from: Yashodhan Khare Visitor

Yashodhan Khare

I found the support feature to be very ’supportive’. They went out of their way to address concerns. Mine is a self hosted site and this makes their support critical. Keep up the good work.

2016-01-29 @ 02:10

Comment from: Junedc Visitor


Funny, but just now got my site suspended.
Why I dont know but got more than 10 websites which are
hosted to 3 hosting company justhost, hostgator and webhostinghub.

Site’s that are actually hosted in webhostinghub are actually
those sites that has the least traffic and yet they say I’m eating
their server resource.

2013-10-25 @ 11:03

Comment from: Jim Visitor


I’m a new customer and the sales staff were superb in explaining the standard package. Signing up was easy and efficient. I used the chat feature to get some explanations on spam control and e-mail filtering and the tech support could not have better. I love the new e-mail hosting clean of spam. Highly recommend this service!

2013-04-14 @ 00:20

Comment from: Lynn Gregorski Visitor

Lynn Gregorski

Thank you for the terrific customer service!

2013-04-09 @ 17:19

Comment from: dale hunter Visitor

dale hunter

So far my experience with wedohostinghub.com is positive. Even though I was impatient, I found the technical staff polite and helpful as far as their in house services allowed them to be. I had a problem with my site having one page of “asp” code that can only be run on Windows servers. The technical staff were not equipped to make the conversion to “html” for me, but told me what needed to be done and referred me to my web designer to fix the problem. My web consultant fixed it in less than an hour by telephone. The site now functions perfectly. I am a novice, but was able to install the email and automatic response features easily. It is easy to navigate the control panels and the statistics feature seems comprehensive.

dale hunter, pe
professional structural engineer

2013-04-02 @ 00:44

Comment from: Ning Visitor


I have contacted WHH customer support several times for issues including billing and account accessing. Every time they responded very quickly. They provided very detailed instructions to help me get through my issue.
So far, it’s the best customer service among all the webhosting providers I have been dealing with.

2013-03-30 @ 20:41

Comment from: Thomas Karamanos Visitor

Thomas Karamanos

Very fast response and high level of support. I am really satisfied and seems that I made the right choice to get the hosting services from webhostinghub.com.

2013-03-30 @ 09:55

Comment from: Kayla Visitor


I had to use the customer service chat twice within the past week and both times were very beneficial. I’ve used other hosting services that were just awful. Webhostinghub has really done a wonderful job with helping me with any issues that I may have and getting them solved. Thank you!

2013-03-27 @ 10:07

Comment from: Mitch Visitor


WHH are pretty good, they’ve supported me for a while now, but when one of my blog posts got popular they suspended my account, which was really annoying. They should have called me first before shutting my whole site down. I asked if I could “pay for more” usage, but they said no. That was strange, they didn’t want my money! I didn’t want to move, but my hand has been forced. Well, it’s been a good run WHH, but I guess I’ve outgrown you. Looks like the unlimited plan does have a limit.

2013-03-27 @ 02:42

Comment from: Annalisa Gandi Visitor

Annalisa Gandi

They tried to auto-renew my package - and I didn’t like that, hence the four stars - and I got a mail only because I have no credit card on my profile with WHH, so the renew didn’t go through; to pay with PayPal, and set that up as default option, I had to go through support…and it was simply flawless.
They replied in no time (of course, they wanted their money xD), were extremely exhaustive and followed me throughout the whole process and answered to all my questions, even the most stupid. Simply perfect.

2013-03-19 @ 12:54

Comment from: Lynn Weirs Visitor

Lynn Weirs

I ended up canceling my webpage but the reason had nothing to do with the service from Webhostinghub. I just decided that it wasn’t the appropriate time for a website. They made canceling extremely easy.
Unlike my experience with other companies they did NOT hassle me at all! They were always VERY helpful and friendly and based on my experience with the company (from start to finish) I would highly recommend webhostinghub.com.

2013-03-18 @ 16:51

Comment from: Ben Malindi Visitor

Ben Malindi

I was recommended to use this service.
And now I recommend it to those who want ease and SPEED.
Besides other things.

2013-03-14 @ 02:37

Comment from: Lestat Visitor


Hello! This is a feedback regarding two days ago a technical problem I’d with a SMTP port using Outlook. The problem was solved fast and effectively via online chat.

This is very good customer service.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

2013-03-13 @ 18:21

Comment from: Monica Lorick Visitor

Monica Lorick

I spoke with James about changing the password to my email account. He was personable and efficient. I got what I needed quickly and he was great even at three o’clock in the morning, his time. Thanks.

2013-03-13 @ 14:16

Comment from: Glenn Welt Visitor

Glenn Welt

Dear Web Hosting Hub,

As the publisher of ChecksNet Software and host to payment pages for financial institutions,
24/7 reliability is #1 priority in the minds of my clients and yours truly.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve experienced a number of hosting services, including the ONE that does the bulk of print advertising and one with tacky TV commercials (but cute NASCAR driver).

Out of ALL the hosting services I’ve experienced, Web Hosting Hub has been the most reliable with least amount of downtime and best customer service by far.

Glenn Welt, Owner

2013-03-09 @ 00:21

Comment from: Nick Visitor


Verry fast ! Verry good !

2013-03-05 @ 00:19

Comment from: Mike Visitor


I had a problem logging into my account and was able to get right to their customer service and they were able to quickly fix all my issues. I have a small site and so far have no complaints

2013-03-04 @ 18:59

Comment from: R. J. Fields, Jr. Visitor

R. J. Fields, Jr.

I found Webhostinghub’s support to be friendly, direct to the point and very helpful. Combined with the great cPanel and other tools, this web Hosting Company is one of the best.

2013-03-03 @ 04:01

Comment from: Gary Ramey Visitor

Gary Ramey

The main gripe I have with webhostinghub.com is their policy regarding websites that go over what they consider size or bandwidth limits.

They redefine unlimited as follows:

“Web Hosting Hub’s “Unlimited” Policy is designed for the typical needs of a personal, micro, or small business. For example, it is not intended for computationally intensive software, large file repositories, as a backup system, as a free file download system, as a data warehouse, as a video archiving site, or other uses suitable for a dedicated server.”

I realize that all hosting companies that advertise “unlimited” service also have this kind of escape clause. The problem I have with webhostinghub.com is that they take a website that they consider over limit offline BEFORE contacting the owner to correct the issue. What someone sees when they try to access the website is a message stating the the account has been Suspended. This makes it look like, the website owner has done something REALLY WRONG and possibly illegal.

The last time they took my websites offline, they did it at 4:00 AM and I didn’t know about it until I read my email the following morning. In the meantime, anyone that tried to access any of the websites under that account saw the “Suspended” message. This account has over 10 websites associated with it so all of them were susspended not just the one that webhostinghub.com considered problematic.

As it turned out, all that was needed was for me to install a caching plugin on one of my websites. One issue with one website caused all of the websites with my account to be suspended! By the way, the offending website only receives about 45 views per day. Just 45 views! Heaven forbid that I have a successful website.

I can’t recommend webhostinghub.com. I intend to move all my websites to another hosting company as soon as possible. I will then be able to permanently “suspend” my account.

2013-03-02 @ 16:32

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