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LunarPages Starter

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LunarPages Starter

« Lunarpages makes it easy with hosting you can understand and trust. Above all, we’re committed to taking care of our customers, and we’d love to prove that to you. Websites for Real Webmasters: affordable, reliable, unbeatable! »

Free Setup1 click b2evo install • 24 hour support and service • 99.9% uptime • Host Unlimited Domains!

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12 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 47.40
24 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 94.80
36 Month Contract$ 3.95 /mo$ 142.20

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Comment from: Thomas Carruth Visitor

Thomas Carruth

I’ve been with lunarpages since 2005 and they have served my needs perfectly through the years. When I needed to communicate with somebody they were always there within a very reasonable amount of time. For tech support, simply submit a ticket and you get a correct response/action fairly quickly (I never had a serious problem so I could wait).

Unfortunately my small business is winding down and when I called to downgrade to a single years billing, they were very receptive and made some exceptions on my behalf (maybe because I stayed with them for so long).

I really appreciate that they made it easy and priced their offering fairly.

2013-11-26 @ 00:05

Comment from: Jeff Johnson Visitor

Jeff Johnson

This is by far the best web host I have used. Their tech support people are informed and great for the average “non expert". I have had 3 or 4 issues over the past several years, but nothing that would get me to consider moving. Their techs are here in America, and will take whatever time is needed to get things resolved. I have NEVER had a tech that I have spoken with that I would not consider sending an email of praise to the company leadership.

2009-12-21 @ 17:18

Comment from: Kay Visitor


This morning I accidentally erased all of my site’s databases, including one for a friend whose blog I host on my site. I contacted Lunarpages’ help desk and they had me fully restored and back in commission within the hour. The added bonus was that the service was free thanks to my premium membership. Lunarpages support totally saved my hide! I’m grateful!

2009-03-08 @ 09:25

Comment from: Shaun Visitor


I currently host with Lunarpages, and have used 3-4 other companies over the years, but have found that Lunarpages offered me the best support. I’d encourage people to compare their feature set with any other host out there (eg, unlimited storage, data transfer, e-mail addresses, mysql dbs, etc). I have always heard back within a day whenever I’ve had questions, and have never had any downtime in the past 3 or so years that I’ve done business with them.

2009-01-09 @ 21:43

Comment from: Calin Vingan Visitor

Calin Vingan

The problem appear when they make changes. And the Yech is so busy that even if you have a huge problem with CPanel, they put you on a waiting list (over 24 hours)

Excluding the time you have to whait until they resolve your problem … witch is a disaster sometime … they are ok.

I like the ideea of not closing the entire account if is a script problem but email you about the isue (I used Micfo before witch sucks)

2008-07-10 @ 04:52

Comment from: MP Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?
Very easy

* How easy was it to install your software / content?
Fill out a short form, click a button, DONE! As for the website we just uploaded it using FTP.

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Above and beyond

* Did you experience some downtime?
I have a third-party company monitor my site (they try to load the site every 15 minutes), and they are reporting a uptime ranging from 99.87% to 99.94%. They allow only a few seconds for the site to load before labeling it as down, and it typically comes back up in a minute or so (they check more often when the site is marked as down).

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?
Couldn’t be better. Typical turn-around is 3 hours.

* Other remarks?
Our first client went with this host when they launched their site before they became a client. All of our clients use this host. We tried another host, and after 6 months of trying to get them to transfer the domain from the client’s old host, we gave up and moved the client’s site to Lunarpages instead.

2008-07-06 @ 04:20

Comment from: Siri Visitor


I am baffled by the negative remarks about this host.

I signed up with Lunarpages several years ago, following a long nightmare period with another host, and immediately saw that I had made the right choice.

Very little downtime, and if there is, I always get an e-mail explaining why. I even get E-mails warning me that downtime is expected, in cases where they do know in advance.

I very rarely need to contact customer support, but every time I do, the response is quick, very friendly, and helpful.

The difference from my last host is like night and day, I cannot praise Lunarpages enough. In fact, my entire family has switched, 4 of us altogether.

2008-05-20 @ 17:40

Comment from: Andrew Visitor


* How easy was it to sign up?

* How easy was it to install your software / content?

* How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
Sometimes its slow to connect to the login server for admin, but the website’s response is adequate.

* Did you experience some downtime?
Not yet

* How was your experience with tech/customer support?

* Other remarks?
The CPanel isn’t that great. I used hosting cpanels before that were much much better, and that was 3 - 4 years ago.

Specifically, its really annoying not being able to drilldown into the filesystem. Considering this was to help a friend setup her website, if I were trying to find a hosting company, I might reconsider once I tried out the CPanel.

I’ve since resigned myself to a staging copy of e2b on my server and then uploading changes via ftp.

Other than that, so far so good :o)

2008-04-09 @ 04:43

Comment from: Christian Visitor


Customer since 3 years… very happy with them! HelpDesk is professional. Get answer in less 24 hours. Downtime? Humm unknow :>> :>> B)

2008-04-08 @ 00:44

Comment from: tginaz Visitor


Seems good in the ad, but then you need multiple logons/passwords to go from site builder to support. Noone answer the support line or calls you back. Email support got snotty: “check the forums….". At this time I would not recommend it. Support is everything and ease of use is second.

2008-03-17 @ 04:29

Comment from: jb Visitor


Im not a very happy customer right now. Hence why im looking for another provider. in a nutshell the tech support is terrible. I cant seem to get any answers out of them about smoe exploited scripts and why they keep getting exploited on software they provide. I jsut want answers and all i get is the run around. I have been a customer for years and tey are goign to loose me.

2007-11-30 @ 17:36

Comment from: Afwas Visitor


I personaaly have very good experiences with the helpdesk and so do some other b2evo users as reported in the forum.
Lunarpages offer a very complete package. One example: when I wanted to move to IMAP in stead of POP, it was enabled by default.
The server runs the very latest php version. I haven´t experienced any restriction from their side. The b2evolution blog (currently 2.1) runs faster than it ever did.

2007-11-19 @ 06:13

Comment from: Chris Merillo Visitor

Chris Merillo

Don’t go with LunarPages. Our e-mails kept getting bounced by RoadRunner and Comcast as spam and you can’t access their FTP through Internet Explorer. There was a 3 day delay in them responding to the e-mail issue when we submitted the problem to the help desk. It was not fun… had to cancel and find another host.

2007-10-29 @ 23:49

Comment from: james m. walter Visitor

james m. walter

stumbled upon your site while looking to host..or cyber-space is so annoying to me at this time in my life which is sixty.
before I ramble ….my point was,is ,your site worthy of a “A” .
took the time to give you a ‘atta boy”
good work……jim

2007-10-02 @ 10:56

Comment from: Member


I love the audio ad!

Did you say Klingon?? :))

2007-09-20 @ 04:37

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