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« Affordable price plans, secure servers, first class 24/7 technical support and a wide range of features make hosting your website with Just Host the obvious choice. Just Host are dedicated to providing their customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible.

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From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Just Host provides your complete web hosting solution»

Attention: JustHost is a UK based company with datacenters in the US.

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Comment from: Robert Visitor


Been with them for 3 years. Ok for having a basic website running.

But they have a devious renewal pricing policy.
After your initial term expires then they ramp the costs up by a factor of 300%.
What is more at renewal time the bottom basic tier user pays 40% more than than the next level up starter tier. How sneaky, pay more for less.

I’d prefer to see a customer loyalty scheme where renewing customers are rewarded rather than ripped off !!

Taking my business elsewhere now.

13/02/16 @ 19:37

Comment from: Lee Visitor


Good at first then thinhs went really slow, over 9 seconds to load my page. When I called they told me my shared server was under attack from a DDOS so that why it was slow and there was nothing they could do and it could take weeks to clear. Also many of their ip address and blocked by RBL. I’m moving to a uk based server.

30/10/14 @ 23:49

Comment from: jim Visitor


after beng with them since 2009 and having a very small site about 5 pages in total i was trying to set up an new domain and alter the old one as well,using there tools.
they deactivated account with no warning stating my site was site causing performance problems
there live chat help did not work and site down for over 2 days before reactivating but now all my buisness emails are not there , moving away from them amd will not be giving htem any more of my money

08/06/14 @ 15:21

Comment from: Graham Visitor


What a total shower of S**T, I have been with just host for 3 yrs now, They started off really good, Office in UK, Phone lines open 24/7. Then it started to go down hill, UK office closed, phone support is from some hick town in america,Live chat is worth about as much as thier subscriptions.

To start with they offered loads of site builder options, I chose the RV builder.now it seams RV have dropped JUSTHOST and I cant edit my website (Unless I rewrite the whole thing on a nother builder).

Im surprised they are listed as a UK BASED server…..They aint

Looking for a new UK based server now……..GOD the pain

30/05/13 @ 15:43

Comment from: Paul Bryant Photography Visitor

Paul Bryant Photography

I have been with just host for several years but am looking to move there hosting is in the USA which means google thinks your in USA and you therefore (so i’m told) get lower ratings also they have been up grading their servers and I have ended up loosing my access to email access to cpanel in fact access to everything you can get help kinda but then a week later it all goes again and another day is wasted

03/07/12 @ 17:37

Comment from: Babs Visitor


I have been with JustHost for almost three years and although generally they are OK, their support is worse than useless. I paid them for a daily backup of my site. They had a crash and not only lost my site, they lost the backup too, or did they really make a proper backup on a different server? I somehow doubt it.

It took me about a dozen emails and almost a week to get them to come clean and tell me they’d had a crash. In the meantime all of my readers thought I’d closed my site down. I received no official apology or any kind of recompense for my loss.

I have recently had more problems with my login details being changed by them in error. Again support was totally useless!

I would not recommend JustHost to anyone I’m afraid and am in the process of looking for another host.

15/01/12 @ 17:25

Comment from: Robin Visitor


I’ve been checking out hosting options based in the UK. I spoke online to their customer services and they told me their servers are NOT based in the UK, but the USA, so I think having them listed here is misleading. Just because they can bill in £ does not mean they host in the UK.

Doesn’t mean to say they’re bad at all. Just a heads up. Looks like a pretty decent offer though.

22/08/11 @ 17:05

Comment from: Andy Roberts Visitor

Andy Roberts

I like the idea of unlimited bandwidth etc but don’t like the 0845 and 0871 numbers they make you call. Sure you can use live chat but some people prefer to talk on the phone.

14/09/10 @ 15:12

Comment from: Lizzie Visitor


I had trouble with the configuration of my webpage but their technicians helped me with that.
Price is reasonable and service is efficient.
They tend to offer their premium membership a little too often, but I never upgraded and still receibed prompt service by e-mail.

09/04/10 @ 15:52

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