Info about a specific Item Widgets

  • Seen By Widget

    This widget shows which members of a collection have already seen a post (green dot), not seen a post (red dot) or seen it but not the latest changes (orange dot). The widget is pre-installed in the Item Single Container? in some collections. IMPORTANT:… more »
  • Small Print Widget

    This widget displays the small print typically found below a post. It is preinstalled in some collections in the Item Single Container?. Different display formats are available in the widget settings. more »
  • Item Tags Widget

    This widget displays the tags associated with a specific post. The widget is pre-installed in the Item Single Container? in some collections. more »
  • Item Content Widget

    This is the widget that displays the content of a post on disp = single. This is done by including the template, which can be customized in each skin. The reason this template is wrapped in a widget is that it makes it possible to… more »
  • About Author Widget

    This widget allows to display information about the author of the current Item/Post. This widget should be used in the context of a Post/Item. A good place to use this widget is the bottom of the "Item Single" Container. You can select which… more »
  • Item Votes Widget

    This widget allows users to vote on a post (if Item Voting Options are enabled). This widget can also show how a summary of votes for the item. This widget should be placed in the "Item Single" Container. more »
  • Item Attachments Widget

    This widget displays attachments of an Item. It is typically placed into the "Item Single" Container Several params allow to control how the attachments list is displayed. more »
  • Item Link Widget

    Allows to display the "Link to url:" of a post in any desired position (and with any desired CSS class applied). more »
  • Item Custom Fields Widget

    This widget will display a table of the custom fields of the current Item (or of a specific Item if you specify an Item ID). It is also possible to restrict which fields will be shown. Other ways to display custom fields From within the post contents,… more »