User Support Widgets

  • User Log-In Widget

    Displays a user login form (if user not already logged in) or a greeting message (if user already logged in). more »
  • Email capture / Quick registration widget

    This is new in b2evolution v6. When placed in the sidebar or in the main area, this widget will display a form with a configurable number of fields. At a minimum the form will have: A field named "Your email:" requiring an email address. A… more »
  • User Links Widget

    This is typically used for "Social Link Icons". It can displays logos linking to twitter, facebook, Google+, etc. This widget displays icons that link to the URLs defined on a user profile. Each URL that is defined in a user profile field and… more »
  • Users' Pictures Widget

    This widget will display a list of profile pictures (typically random) registered on the site. Clicking on a profile will lead to the user’s page (disp = user). more »
  • User Tools widget

    Description: Display user tools: Log in, Admin, Profile, Subscriptions, Log outParameter: Block title - specify the title that you want this widget to display in your blog(blank by default)Parameter: Write a new post link - allows you to show the linkā€¦ more »
  • Subscribe to Updates Widget

    This widget displays checkboxes or links allowing the user to subscribe/unsubscribe to email notifications on the current collection. The widget has some display settings (see below) but please also note: The widget will allow subscriptions to posts… more »
  • "Who's Online?" Widget

    This widget displays a list of the users currently online (based on a timeout you can define). Due to the very nature of the WWW, the "who’s online?" session tracker can only offer an approximate view of who’s actually online.… more »