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Start with a homepage

Once b2evolution is installed on your own web server or web hosting account, you might want to introduce your website with a home page. Change the photo, the title, the intro text... and you've got your very own homepage. When you're done with the home… more »
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Add a blog

Once b2evolution is installed on your own web server or web hosting account, you might want to kick off your website with a blog. Write something. Hit "publish". It's live! You may also immediately start customizing your site design: Choose a different… more »
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Multiple blogs done right!

Multiple blogs can be used as different sections of your website. You could also have loosely connected blogs by letting each member of your organization, community or family customize their own space to their own taste. b2evolution was designed for… more »
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Share your photos

Photo Albums Organize your photos by Albums and show them off in a neutral design that lets your art shine! Albums open into contact sheets of thumbnails of customizable size. Each thumbnail can be viewed in full screen through a lightbox which allows… more »
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Connect your community

By adding forums -- a.k.a. Bulletin Boards -- to your website, your community can stay in touch with each other by sparking conversations on the topics they care about. b2evolution's forums can be enabled on your site in 3 clicks. No plugin necessary.… more »
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Publish with structure

Blogs are collections of posts, typically organized by publishing time. Manuals, books and other forms of online documentation, on the contrary, require a more structured hierachy of chapters and sub-chapters. Collaborate on one or more Manuals Each… more »