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Yahoo! Hosting

Yahoo! Hosting

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Yahoo! Hosting

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Free setupReports to track traffic sources and monitor your rankings • 500 email addresses • 24-hour toll-free phone, email, and online support

In the lineup of new web hosting offers from Yahoo!, if you want to use blog software like b2evolution, we recommend you start with the Advanced web hosting offer since the Basic offer does not offer support for PHP & MySQL.

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Comment from: Lyse Quenneville-Orpin [Visitor]

Lyse Quenneville-Orpin
1 stars

I’ve had sites hosted on Yahoo for many years. One of them is CaneFusion,com. Up until about November 2013 there was EXCELLENT Customer Service. Now, it is abysmal. I think they fired half their staff at the beginning of the year 2014 and Customer Service is now manned by two orribly overworked people somewhere in the midwest. I am now shopping for a new host.

03/12/14 @ 00:39

Comment from: Joseph Flammer [Visitor]

Joseph Flammer
1 stars

Had nothing but problems with Yahoo webhosting since we purchased it a week ago. Mega problems with Java compatability. They took our money fast enouugh, but when it came to support, there’s nobody home, nobody to call, no solutions. We’re dropping it today, after hours of nothing but the worst annoying angering crap, now we’re going to find a new webhost. Yahoo, you suck!

03/18/13 @ 19:06

Comment from: Jo-Ann Moss [Visitor]

Jo-Ann Moss
4 stars

I’ve used Yahoo since 2003 for several sites and I’ve been extremely pleased. My sites come up quickly, and the interface is as user-friendly as it gets. Customer Service, though not always perfect, has been just fine. Every issue (and they’ve been extremely minor) has been resolved within 48 hours. I would highly recommend Yahoo to beginners and others looking for an easy-to-use interface.

12/04/08 @ 09:56

Comment from: Luke Godfrey [Visitor]

Luke Godfrey
3 stars

I’ve only ever used Yahoo! webhosting, because I took over the website after the hosting had already been chosen.

It seemed like a good price, and I knew Yahoo and trusted them.

For websites that don’t need advanced features, this is a good choice. It is more money than other hosts, but it hasn’t gone down (that I’ve noticed) in the entire time I’ve used it.

For websites that do need advanced features, like .htaccess and folders above the root folder, this isn’t a great choice. You can’t make a .htaccess page and the highest folder you can access is the root folder. I’m not pleased about that aspect of Yahoo webhosting.

Another thing I don’t like is phpMyAdmin. It was fine when I always used IE, but now that I use Firefox and Safari, it’s just a pain. I am forced to use IE to use phpMyAdmin. Also not pleased here.

Overall, it’s a decent host, but there are better options as far as price and customization.

09/20/08 @ 16:52

Comment from: Harei [Visitor]

3 stars

Adam, on the phpMyAdmin it’s simpler than you would have thought, it does not work with FireFox or other browsers, you can only use it with IE. I am using it extensively and it works very well, makes life very easy. Mind you I am a FireFox user, but always keep IE also installed and ready to go.


06/16/08 @ 23:18

Comment from: Adam Barrett [Visitor]

Adam Barrett
3 stars

Sign up was easy, getting my domain pointed over was easy as well.

Getting my files uploaded was not a problem. FTP and the browser loader made that easy. The service is very fast.

Customer service and their “unlimited” services are my issues. They are vague as to the limits of “unlimited” and when you get more space, etc.

I completely agree with Chris in that they are very “ignore the problem” kind of support. I have sent multiple emails to them, as well as a few phone calls, in which I was promised a call back when they solved the problem, alas they never did.

I had to finally troubleshoot and fix my own problems, luckily they were things I could figure out without access to the server.

Their phpMyAdmin service doesn’t work at all. You simply get a blank screen. I would love to explain how that is fixed, but Yahoo! is ignoring my requests for support there as well.

02/13/08 @ 22:16