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IX Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting

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IX Web Hosting

« Over 350,000 Domains Hosted in Our Own Data Center in Columbus, OH.

Unlimited Domains • Unlimited Transfer • Unlimited Web Space • 2 Free Domain Regs • 2 Dedicated IPs • Ecommerce Ready!

We’re working on being as energy-efficient as possible, while still maintaining reliability. We’re striving towards making our customer service department even friendlier and more efficient. »


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Comment from: Tom Stephenson [Visitor]

Tom Stephenson
1 stars

I’ve been with IX Webhosting for about 8 years now. When I initially signed up I was impressed with their customer service. It was all based in Ohio. There was even a time when you were assigned a “Personal Support Hero", someone that was dedicated to support you (with the option of speaking with others should your hero not be on shift.)

Over the past few years their support has gone downhill rapidly. Their support staff is no longer based in the US. Russia or somewhere like that. They have become uncooperative at assisting. Recently I needed a port opened to connect with an external data source. They refused to open the port, despite the fact that the site in question has a dedicated IP address. It would be a simple matter of an admin to add a firewall rule. Maybe 5 minutes of time. Instead though I’m going to have to go to another provider.

Another support issue: a couple years ago they dropped their 800 number for support. If you have an issue now, you are faced with paying long distance charges, while you sit on hold. I’ve been on hold for up to an hour at times. No good.

One of my plans is a Windows based server plan. A couple months ago their complete line of Windows servers was down for 5 days. Just the other day, they were down again for the better part of a day. They don’t meet their guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

One other “hitch". Although they offer “unlimited space” and “unlimited bandwidth” their plans do have limitations. I have a website that has dozens of photo galleries on it - consisting of well over 200,000 photos. I hit a wall with IX - they have limitations on the number of files you can have. I’ve hit that wall a couple times and it cost me a pile of time to switch things over.

2014-10-24 @ 04:59

Comment from: Ahmad [Visitor]

1 stars

Ixwebhosting is down 1-2hours/Day almost.

2014-09-20 @ 14:00

Comment from: Willy [Visitor]

1 stars

Please I need update for most easy app collection as the versions on the website are very old versions
Especially sugar crm it’s 5.5 and even after install it and do the manual upgrade it’s not working
Something els plz try theses kind of application and see what kind permission it will need from your side in order not to bother your it teams
Why vtiger crm not include in the easy app collections ?!!
Hopefully I’ll notice the updates soon

2014-07-19 @ 18:23

Comment from: Ken Sweckard [Visitor]

Ken Sweckard
5 stars

@Patrick Springer

Not sure where you came up with that it looks like you read that smear campaign in google … all a bunch of lies and I have not a reason to say this as I have used them over 7 years … As for the adwords this is a package almost every host uses. IX Webhosting is located in Ohio and I never ever in 7 years had a support person that was not American and as well they give you a dedicated support person for each hosting package. The servers and data center are located near ohio state university. in 7 years I have not had one site go down for more then a half hour and that was due to a wordpress vulnerability issue as well seeing I had over 200 domains there and I have two other partners that also have over 100 sites each on there servers and as well different servers none of us have ever had and issue with them and at the most I have had to wait in the support que was 10 minutes and that was during one of the wordpress vulnerability times. The support staff also is located in Ohio in the data center … Actually I have spoke with Jeremy before even … he may have been one of my old support techs … Funny how people complain and make comments here and barely can even speak English properly about the most random things. You do recieve the coupons, the domains have changed but in reality you can get many domains cheap from Go daddy and use them with IX if that is the issue … But I know that godaddy over crowds the servers

I saw the same type things towards liquid web with same type smears …claiming that they are in Russia or china etc … the coupons did not work etc … well Just as a good example of the smears … Liquid web is only a few miles from me also ,,.. I am in Lansing Michigan I know where these hosts are. Best way to test a host is call there support line 2 or 3 times over a few days at all different hours and see how quick they answer the phone. after they answer phone ask a basic question and then ask one that is a little harder to solve. If they get them right then you should be ok but if you are clueless about web servers be sure to get a package that provides support because .a host in general provides a spot to run a domain ,,, they are not responsable

2012-09-05 @ 15:35

Comment from: sgim [Visitor]

1 stars

IX is turning from bad to worst. I used to have 3 free domains for life. Upon renewing after 4 years, I was told it was 2 free at a higher price for the same plan. Fine…

Weeks ago, they requested me to pay and renew my domain name at a discounted rate of $7.50. It used to be free for nearly the past 5 years since the first day I was with IX. Time to cut lost and say goodbye.

In fact, you enjoy more if you are a new customer. They like new blood so they give attractive bargain. For loyal customers, you are treated like idiots. Good Luck IX and hope you lose all your old loyal customers.

2011-02-26 @ 08:24

Comment from: Junaid Arif [Visitor]

Junaid Arif
5 stars

In my opinion IX provides with excellent service. I am a programmer myself. Upon deployment we run into all sorts of trouble. But IX has an incredible support staff… I recommend IX to all my clients no matter ASP .net or PHP… I don’t care if they charge more than others, but the service that i get from IX is worth alot..

And I don’t mean IX is expensive than other hosts, they are so good that i don’t need to look for pricing structure of other. IX in my opeion is very good value for money

Cheers to IX

2010-10-22 @ 13:06

Comment from: Ahmad [Visitor]


I used IX web hosting, they are very good in everythings,
Thank you IX.

2010-04-04 @ 10:06

Comment from: Igor Palmer [Visitor]

Igor Palmer
5 stars

Been with IX for nearly 2years. So far they are at the top of my list. Reliable, fast, good communication and top tech support. In fact I moved my websites from other hosts to IX. When it comes to tech support I care nothing where they reside for as long as they know their staff and so far I had no problem. I’m rather unforgiving when it comes to hosting and have no hesitation to dump a host if it doesn’t live up to my expectations. So far I dumped 2 hosts and switched over to IX. If, however, IX fails with me, I’ll dump it in a blink of an eye. But 10/10 so far.

2009-11-08 @ 16:34

Comment from: Janice Austin [Visitor]

Janice Austin
2 stars

I have used IX for years and have been very happy. Unfortunately they recently dropped Front Page Extensions forcing me to look for a new company. I just don’t have the time to make a whole new website with another program.

2009-10-02 @ 09:23

Comment from: Soumya Dev [Visitor]

Soumya Dev
4 stars

The service is of very high quality. We have already hosted 7 sites and never in last two years the sites have been down.

moreover their prompt reply to our queries has indeed helped to over come the difficulties we had faced during the development.

Keep it up IX

good wishes

Soumya Dev

2009-08-25 @ 11:03

Comment from: Pet [Visitor]

2 stars

Jeremy Fox,
what took you so long to respond to the unfriendly comments?
Is it true that your adverts and packages are misleading? A few years ago, I transfered my domains from a competitor to you because you were doing well, but I had to move away back to the old I think you should sit up

2009-08-04 @ 20:21

Comment from: Jeremy [Visitor]


Hi Patrick,

I am very sorry you had a poor experience with the IX support system and I am wondering if there is anything I can help you with at this time?

IX is constantly upgrading its support system and Customer Relationship department as we continue to grow and service more clients.

Through education, training, and comments such as yours IX will soon provide the best support on the market.

Thanks and let me know if I can help.

Jeremy Fox
IX Web Hosting

2009-06-15 @ 21:06

Comment from: Patrick Springer [Visitor]

Patrick Springer
2 stars

Customer service is a joke. BEWARE - read the fine print on the Google and Yahoo incentive coupons as they are for NEW Adwords customers only and ‘ix’ refuses to own up to their misleading enticements.
Seems that they are really in Russia as the staff last names are all Russian and the poor English looks like it was ent thru Bablefish or something… I am really not impressed.

2009-03-01 @ 18:43

Comment from: Shewajev [Visitor]

5 stars

It is really reliabe.. the support team is doing very well..rely and forget..

2009-02-01 @ 22:48

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