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Comment from: gpop Visitor


I migrated 4 sites to Globat last year, but regret not staying with my previous host.

Globat markets itself very well and all seems very professional, but after you sign up, MAJOR REGRET.

Although it claims unlimited domains, you can’t add them easily yourself - I had to go thru tech support. My sites have been down or super slow to load on so many occasions, although they claim unlimited bandwidth and 99.9999999(whatever)% uptime. And in one year, I’ve received 3 long emails apologising for a server/system crash and how backups failed to kick in etc.

That said, live support is very helpful (and believe me, I had to use it a lot when first setting up coz a lot of things couldn’t be done from the control panel). Some days though, the wait for your turn to get live support takes pretty long.

The most annoying thing: Opt-out add-on services! They send you emails telling you that by a certain date, you’ll be signed up for this and that unnecessary super-value gotta-have-it service at all sort of added cost unless you click a link to opt-out. Very unethical in this day and age.

2008-07-19 @ 16:05

Comment from: Wilson Yiu Visitor

Wilson Yiu

I’ve been customer with 3 domains with them for the last 4 years. In the past 2 years, we consistently having problems with their services at least once a month. Problems such as very slow response time, server down, and sometimes we found our mySQL/PHP website with old data or images that we needed to upload again. It is not easy to reach support through phone support, so we only use web-chat. However, their tech support staffs are usually unable to resolve problems above and need to refer to their “senior tech support team", which takes a least a day or more to get a problem solve. I would not suggest any party that require reliable hosting service. We are preparing to switch to another hosting company.

They sometimes offer automatic upgrade plan through emails in the past. You really have to be careful and decline their offers personally. I referred a client to use their service. Within months,they found out that their account was switched to a higher price plan and their credit card were charged without approval from them.

2008-05-03 @ 20:40

Comment from: Bill Visitor


Very upset with them right now.

Trouble Ticket 1 & 2 - My complaint was slow/down email server. Their first response was “nothing wrong, everything working fine". I say, “please make sure because this occurs often” They respond, “everything fine, clean your history and cookies". I respond, “computer is a week old, please try again". They respond, “nothing wrong, everything working fine".

Trouble Ticket 3 - My complaint was error message screen when attempting to access subdirectory. They never respond.

Trouble Ticket 4 - My complaint was my website down and cannot access control panel. They never respond. I contact technical chat and ask how long until system up again -out for a day so far-. They respond Cisco 6509 is down and they are attempting to fix. I ask if they have timeframe and tech says they do not.

So….are you sure “nothing wrong, everything working fine"?

Biggest complaint is that the email and/or servers are slower or down more than normal; and technical support is somewhat lacking. I’m a new customer with 2 1/2 years of service left until time to renew. I’m already looking for a new provider.

However, on the good side, service is cheap (get what you pay for?) and website creator easy to operate - which is good when you don’t have a whole lot of web development experience.

2008-02-22 @ 05:48

Comment from: samer houri Visitor

samer houri

I have six websites hosted by globat I’m 100% satisfied
they offer lots of services for very reasonable prices,with 24 hours live chat support, and support ticket system, tutorials ect.. you should never face a problem they are always present to help, you should never have any obstacles at Globat….it’s just a good chance to be a Globat customer.

2007-12-28 @ 22:21

Comment from: Member

We have a test site for Globat that you can access to check the speed and responsiveness of their servers.

2007-10-13 @ 19:32

Comment from: Do tran Son Visitor

Do tran Son


2007-10-13 @ 15:20

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