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IX Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting

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IX Web Hosting

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Comment from: Brian ODay Visitor

Brian ODay
1 stars

Was with IX for about 10 years. used to have great tech support and be a good deal. Not anymore. It took me 3 months and many phone calls to get a refund and move my sites.

They took a large price increase, billed me for a 2 year contract, and sent me an email 12 hours before they charged my credit card for this.

The people you talk with are hard to understand, don’t seem very experienced, don’t keep their promises, and when you get tired of the runaround and want to talk with a manager, there’s not one available.

Do a search for “IX Web hosting” and “Yelp".

2015-04-06 @ 21:18

Comment from: Louise Visitor

5 stars

I have used this hosting company for around 5 years, hosting several domains and sites with them. Every issue that I have ever contacted them about has been taken care of in a timely manner. The have even moved me to a different server for performance issues that I was having. This was done within the day that I contacted them. I do however recommend that if you need to contact them, call the toll free number as I like the speed of service and knowledge of those on the other end of the phone compared to the live chat that they offer. I have sites that use access databases and others that use sql databases. I recommend ix to all my clients for hosting.

2012-04-06 @ 20:06
Nick - Freelance Designer
2 stars

To be honest, when I started using them, they were well above the pack in terms of service and price. These days, their up-time of sites is not so great, and there will be at least one instance a week of my sites being down. I am fortunate that I haven’t had any major problems myself with them, but I do know of people who have been through hell in regards to the backups not ever having been made on the system, or the backup is over six months old.

I discovered that they are not even running PHP5 on the server I am on, so I will need to wait to upgrade my hobby blog CMS that is still with them until they finally put me on a server that has it. (and they have no idea as to when that will be even though I have requested it)

Plus they changed their model from giving away a free domain registration with your hosting, which meant I could just keep the one domain name ticking over every year, now suddenly it is a case of ‘you have to pay for it, but at a special rate for our customers’ which I wasn’t advised before needing to renew of that particular policy change. Which means my hobby blog which had a free domain name (and one of the few reasons their package was a better deal initially) needs me to purchase the domain name through them. The price for the domain names is the exact same price godaddy charges (thats the best discounted price they can offer to their customers it seems).

And since they don’t run fantastico deluxe like inmotion or other hosts, it makes setting up quick blogs and other sites for customers that much more time consuming.

My advice, pick a different host.

2011-08-09 @ 05:25

Comment from: Ray Visitor

5 stars

I have been with IX for more than 3 years. They have excellent customer service. Nothing goes right 100% of the time and when their is a problem I speak to a local life person. When ever I have a question they always have the right answer.

2011-02-06 @ 20:19

Comment from: Ian Robson Visitor

Ian Robson
2 stars

Ran great for 2 years with an access database for news created with Frontpage. The last month has seen really slow performance with displaying the news pages. I got hold of their support who said that they didn’t recommend this, however using the mySQL database for this proved even slower. I currently host 16 domains with them and am now making plans to move to a new web hosting company. All in all quite disappointed with their service as their support people deny all knowledge of there being a problem and even though they pass the calls onto their sysadmins, nothing ever gets resolved.

2009-02-03 @ 13:32

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