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Globat is the Web hosting provider that provides cheap Web hosting solution with free domain web hosting. Globat offers cheap Linux Web hosting packages for your Web site hosting, image hosting, PHP & MySQL or ecommerce hosting. Our affordable web hosting plans are designed for all types of hosting needs. »

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Comment from: Unknown [Visitor]

1 stars

Very Very poor company. They just give you the greedy idea of unlimited web-space and unlimited bandwidth. I am using this company for over 2 years now.
My websites are TOOOOO SSSLLLOOOOOWWW. My users are getting annoyed. Secondly their servers are not secured. I had a blog hosted on it, and someone from outside used to overwrite (deface) my file, and put his ads under my site.

2008-12-24 @ 00:58

Comment from: Tomas [Visitor]

1 stars


Useless, i could not make new FTP accounts, tech
support told me “will be fixed in 24 hours” was not!

Very weak control panel. U can`t buy next domain
straight from your account - madness!

Tomas from Belfast

2008-08-04 @ 20:53

Comment from: Bobby [Visitor]

1 stars

Hosting is OK but lord help you if you are trying to get your money back. Hosting was canceled almost a month ago and they say I am scheduled to get a refund in a Month and a half. Gave us automatic updates at a cost of $50 a pop and had to go through alot to get that back. That is why I would recommend you do not use this service there are others !!!!!

2008-05-16 @ 22:53

Comment from: David [Visitor]


Used these people for a couple years and the up selling was what REALLY angered me to the point of filing a complaint with the California Attorney General over unscrupulous business practices.

Their opt-out policy is still in effect.

A real pain in the butt company to deal with!

2008-04-13 @ 16:06

Comment from: daba [Visitor]

1 stars

How easy was it to sign up?

It was easy to sign up and they offer a lot of specials, but my luck with them has been terrible. I use my site as a place to store backup files and usually only update it once or twice a month and maybe grab something from it 5 times a month and every time the server is down.

How fast/responsive is the website compared to your expectations?
The login server is so SLOOOW, making any changes to your website or database take forever and a day.

Did you experience some downtime?
Question I should be asked is have I experienced uptime and the answer to that is no.

Other remarks?

Low cost, but you get what you pay for.

2008-02-17 @ 09:45

Comment from: [Member]

We have a test site for you to evaluate the responsiveness of Globat servers.

2008-01-31 @ 02:18

Comment from: Andrew Piereder [Visitor]

Andrew Piereder
2 stars

I was with Globat until last year. The virtual hosting sounds like a great deal, but only for the most basic website. I hosted a blog, and even after optimizing the memory requirements, it was completely unworkable. The ratio of RAM to sites was crazy. They are also always trying to upsell you to terabyte plans, which aside from being annoying is ridiculous in context of their memory constraints.

2008-01-24 @ 16:10

Comment from: Nera [Visitor]

2 stars

This hoster is ok while it works.
The problem is they keep bombing your mail with offers and automaticaly add your account for upgrades which cost arround 40$ and you have to opt out or you’ll be charged.

2008-01-03 @ 12:27

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